FAQs: Adhesive Patches


FAQs: Adhesive Patches

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Here are some frequently asked questions about stick-on patches – with answers from Artex Group, your partner for patches!

What are typical uses for temporary adhesive patches? 

Adhesive patches are a popular and flexible way for groups to promote their brand, commemorate a special event, create a memento for a celebration or recognize group members. Many Artex customers take peel and stick patches to trade shows and conventions, using them as giveaways for attendees as well as wearables for team members. 

Do I have to request the adhesive back when I order my patches, or do the patches come that way automatically?

Yes, please specify the patch backing you would like with your patch order.  If you choose our sticky back adhesive you’ll get a custom-made patch that is adhesive but not permanent. The benefits of an adhesive patch are:

  • apply the patch temporarily,
  • easily remove the patch and reapply to another garment
  • properly position your patch before you attach it permanently via sewing or heat seal.

How do I apply the temporary adhesive?

Each adhesive patch has a non-stick paper backing material. Peel off the paper backing, apply to a clean and dry surface, and press in place. It’s that easy!

Can I permanently attach an adhesive patch? 

You can permanently attach your patch by heat sealing, sewing or using fabric glue. Artex Group can advise you about each method. We’re happy to talk (1-866-845-1042) about your needs and your intended application.

Do I need special supplies or equipment to permanently attach adhesive patches?

To hand sew on patches, you need a heavy duty needle and color-appropriate thread. We recommend bonded nylon thread and a topstitch or leather needle.

Heat sealing is one of the most durable ways to permanently attach adhesive patches. This process requires specialized equipment and safe, best practices for ideal results. (Your household iron is not the same as a heat press.) To have a patch applied through heat sealing it is best performed by a company well equipped to do so because it requires certain pressure and heat specifications. 

Fabric glue – widely available at craft stores – is another option. Follow the specific instructions on the fabric glue package to avoid damage to the garment or material the adhesive patch is being applied to.

Have other questions about Artex Group adhesive patches?

Request a free quote or call us at 1-866-845-1042 and connect with one of our helpful team members.

We’ll make sure you’re not stuck with any unanswered questions. 


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