How Do Heat Transfer Patches Work?


How Do Heat Transfer Patches Work?

Embroidered patches are becoming more popular, and not only because they’re effective for marketing your business or association. With heat transfer, you can place patches on jean jackets, pants, bookbags, purses, and more, adding a fun and even vintage aesthetic to your look.

But how exactly do heat transfer patches work? Here, we’ll help you understand how to transfer your patches onto your clothing or accessories so you can look your best while feeling confident that your patches aren’t going anywhere.

How Do You Adhere Patches With an Iron?

If you’re using an iron to adhere your heat transfer patches, you’re going to start by pre-heating your iron on the “cotton” setting. Be sure that your steam setting is turned off. Set your custom patch on the garment in the place where you’d like to adhere it. Place a heat-safe piece of cloth such as a cotton pillowcase over the patch and garment. Be careful that you don’t move the patch. This fabric serves as a protective barrier between the patch and the iron.

When the iron is ready and the steam is turned off, press the iron onto the patch. Keep the iron on the patch for approximately 25 seconds and don’t move the iron. Use firm, consistent pressure. Moving the iron back and forth can prevent the patch from adhering properly to your garment. After ironing on the patch, let your garment cool down for about five hours prior to wearing it. This gives your patch enough time to properly adhere to the fabric.

How Do You Adhere Patches With a Heat Seal Machine?

If you’re using heat press patches and a heat seal machine, you’ll start by setting your machine to 365 degrees. Unlike when you’re using an iron, you’ll need to pre-heat the spot where you plan to adhere your heat press patches. Pre-heat the spot on the garment for approximately 15 seconds and then place your patch in the pre-heated area. Using about 50 to 70 pounds of pressure, apply heat to your patch for approximately 18 to 20 seconds. Once the patch is adhered, let the garment cool down for about five hours prior to wearing it.

Are you looking for custom iron on patches to add to your clothes or accessories? We’ve got you covered. Artex Group provides custom patches for individuals, sports teams, business organizations, and more. Reach out to us today to learn more about our heat press patches and how they work.


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