How Custom Embroidered Patches Enhance the Riders' Experience


How Custom Embroidered Patches Enhance the Riders’ Experience

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For most people, the biking experience is about getting from point A to point B. But for bikers with a flair for the more visual things in life, that experience is about so much more. Custom embroidered biker patches enrich the riding experience in countless ways. How?

When Did it Start?

Motorcycle patches go way back to the 1920s, founded by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA). Back then, AMA group members would gather at events where they wore jackets with their club logo that were embroidered by hand. 

But that’s not really how it got its recognition, though. In 1947, some World War II veterans rode into Hollister, CA, which caused a stir. Shortly after that, the AMA released a statement that the bikers who caused the problem only represented 1% of motorcycle enthusiasts. That’s when the patch and term 1%er became associated with outlaw motorcycle clubs that were formed in the 1940s. 

After that, many clubs came up with patches that only members of a specific club wore. Since then, patches became a representation of the club’s territory and served as the proof of membership of the riders. They also say a lot about the wearer’s status. For example, a full member, who is also referred to as a patch holder, carries a curved patch. 

Now that you know how it all started, let’s dive into how they can enhance the experience of the riders:

It Represents Happy Times

These embroidered biker patches can be associated with the rides, trails, and roads they have conquered together. It’s a club’s way of being able to relive their happiest moments over and over again. 

It Helps Develop a Sense of Community

It’s a go-to for bikers to be able to recognize each other even if they are miles apart, and these patches help with that. Also, riding together with people in the same group brings them closer and develops a sense of community. 

It Helps Create a Special Memento

Patches are not just a pictorial representation of a moment. Rather, they are a piece of clothing that serves as a reminder of what the club has accomplished. It helps their members to appreciate their club better and have more pride in its achievements. 

It Can Be a Form of Self-Expression

Patches are a great form of self-expression for the riders. Bikers can express themselves and their passion for biking with their own unique designs and ideas, especially on their patches.

It Serves as a Status Statement

But in most clubs, it’s not just any rider who is given a chance to wear a patch. It’s a privilege that is only given to the most trusted and respected riders of the group. If a rider is given a patch, it’s as if a vote of confidence is given to that person. It’s like saying that this rider is one that should be trusted to carry the club’s reputation with him everywhere he goes.

Wear Your Ride

As you can see, custom embroidered biker patches are a lot more than simple designs. It represents the club’s journey, a statement of self-expression, or a status symbol to other riders. As a result, these patches carry a lot of significant value.

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