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Using Custom Embroidered Patches as Promotional Tool for Your Company


If you're looking for a promotional tool that's both affordable and effective, custom embroidered patches are the perfect choice. They can be used in a variety of ways to promote your business or event, whether you're trying to sell more products or just spread awareness about an issue.  Custom embroidered patches are small pieces of fabric with designs sewn onto them. They come in all shapes and sizes--from simple squares to multi-colored circles--so they'll look great on any garment or accessory! When people see these patches on clothing or bags, they'll associate them with whatever organization created them (which means that if someone sees one of your branded patches while walking down the street).

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What is most important when designing custom patches?

Custom embroidered patches are an awesome way to promote your brand, organization, event, or even an individual.  They be be used on uniforms, as a promotional giveaway or as a collectible item.  Patches are incredibly versatile and fun.  It's a great way to showcase or market your brand or message.  

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Designing A Patch For A Music Festival or Live Event


Designing A Patch For A Music Festival or Live Event


With more people looking to return to normal and get out and about once again, music festivals are sure to be a big draw in the coming months. Millions of Americans are looking to attend concerts once again and likely these coming months will see an increase in demand for live entertainment.

If you’re planning to start a music festival or live event you’re no doubt aware that it’s quite the undertaking. When it comes to promotion and branding why not let your friends at the Artex Group give you a few pointers on how to design a custom music festival patch.

Selling Patches At Your Live Event

The obvious place to start with designing a festival patch is to make sure that it’s a patch that can be placed anywhere. If you are selling your patches, or even giving them away, it’s a good idea to create a patch that is durable and can be easily affixed to just about any surface. 

To this end, we recommend an embroidered patch that can be easily sewn onto clothes, bags, or other garments. Our embroidered patches allow for an extraordinary level of detail that will help your logo pop. These are the perfect patches to help promote your festival, and our low prices won’t eat into your profit margins.

Use Patches For Staff Uniforms

Patches aren’t just limited to being promotional items for concertgoers. They also make a good addition to your staff uniforms. These patches can help to easily identify members of your team and your attendees will know who to look for if they are in need of assistance.

A simple patch can be a great addition to your uniforms that will create an air of discipline and professionalism amongst your staff. Such a thing will definitely help concertgoers feel safe and secure during your live events.

Have A Professional Graphic Design Team Create Your Patch

The hardest part of creating a custom patch is coming up with a logo for your event. Fortunately, we employ a team of professional graphic designers to help assist you. Such a thing can be quite daunting if you’re new to the world of branding and logos, so it’s advisable to seek out the help of a professional graphic design team. Fortunately, we’re here to help every step of the way with the design and manufacturing process.

Still, need some help with your music festival patches? Get in touch with the Artex Group. We’d love to assist you with creating a custom patch. We have provided assistance to many concert congregations across the country, and we’d be happy to assist you with your next project. Reach out to us today and let’s get started!

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Embroidered patches are effective for marketing


Embroidered patches are effective for marketing the corporate identity of your business or association.

Embroidered patches offer your company a cost-efficient and most importantly, effective part of your campaign or long-term marketing and branding program. A quality-made embroidered patch will last for years providing your clients and potential clients a very colorful impression of your corporate identity. Embroidered patches or emblems give your corporate logo a pop with texture and incredible detail.

Here’s a point to consider. Next time you see someone wearing an embroidered patch or emblem on a uniform, shirt, jacket, cap, or hat, think about how quickly you noticed it. It may have been one of the first things you noticed about the person. It tends to be a “focal point”. Your company’s identity becomes a focal point. What a great concept. It’s just the way it is.

In addition to marketing your company, embroidered emblems are an effective way to recognize employees or club members who have achieved levels of success worthy of acknowledgment. Many of our clients, from hobby groups to law enforcement, routinely use patches as a proven method of acknowledgment.

Embroidered patches can be used as giveaways at sponsored events. We can package the patches in a variety of ways so your presentation can be customized to fit the venue. They can be packaged bags with header cards or handed out separately. Some of our clients prefer the sticky backs so they can “stick them” right on conventioneers as they walk by their booths. Another possibility for marketing is to resell the emblems as souvenirs as part of an income-generating program. Our clients generally can resell “souvenir emblems” at 3 to 8 times the initial cost. Got your attention now? Either way, they become collectibles which can only be a good thing for your company’s exposure.

With the advent of dye sublimation patches and emblems, your choice for expressing your company’s logo just got a bit more creative. Unlimited colors and extreme detailing make this process very appealing, particularly if your logo is extremely detailed.

Our patches are made for the long haul. We use materials that are designed to meet even the most stringent cleaning applications. They will look great wash upon wash. Given the cost efficiency and potential marketing exposure, considering an emblem or patch program will complement your existing marketing approach.

First impressions are everything. Artex Group’s dedication to detail, documented by our service to the auto industry, will make sure your emblems are perfect and help convey the top-notch company you are. We look forward to serving you. It’s just the way it is.

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