Rider and motorcycle club 1 & 3 piece custom patches, colors and design


We are in the middle of an incredible season of motorcycle riding with the Mother Nature giving us plenty of riding perfect days. With the dragon tail just miles from our main office, it’s a common sight to see a variety of riders on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Every rider or group of riders seems to share one common bound, the love of the road on two wheels.

A few weeks ago, a fellow biker friend and I had a conversation about motorcycle club patches.  I make custom biker patches for a living (amongst many other types of patches) so I enjoyed discussing the many types of patches we have made over the years.  We went through a number of samples my company has made checking out the colors and designs wondering how each club arrived at a logo.

Some of the patch logos clearly gave you an idea as to what the club was about or stood for, some not so much. Generally, it seems the logos reflect the club’s philosophy but other considerations seem to be at play.  In addition to the different philosophies of Riding Clubs versus Motorcycle Clubs, each patch has its own unique look. As most of you know, there is also a vast disparity regarding RC and MC patch placement and quantities displayed.  Most RC wear one-piece patches signifying a family club, riding club and/or AMA-sanctioned motorcycle club. MC generally wears a three-piece patch selection (top and bottom rocker with the club logo in the middle).  A three-piece setup signifies that the motorcycle club is not AMA sanctioned

I would like to point out that the word “colors” is a reference to the insignia or patches worn by motorcycle club members.  Colors present a symbol of identity and represent social hierarchy within the club’s distinguishing rank.  Rank encompasses all divisions from prospects to full members generally known as patch-holders.

Recently, my neighbor (also a biker) and I visited a local joint in Asheville that caters to RC and MC clubs. Perhaps going against some of the rules of the road, I started a conversation with a gentleman (who was with an RC) sitting next to us. We started to discuss the politics of guiding rules that one must consider when visiting a bar, restaurant, etc. that is frequented by motorcycle clubs.  I had heard some of the “rules” before but found myself constantly thinking, “really I had no idea”. This guy definitely caught my attention.  If you are not well educated on the etiquette of MC interactions, I highly suggest you look into this. I can not stress how important this may be to your well-being as it was so eloquently pointed out to me.

I may be redundant here as you may already know this but being a biker patch guy who likes to see and touch patches, let me clearly state this:

Do not touch any part of club members’ patches (or colors). This is the ultimate sign of disrespect and will likely result in quick retaliation or  “an education” as the gentleman put it.  And forget about taking the iPhone out for photos, you will likely lose it in an abrupt manner

Okay, back to the friendly confines of biker patches. If you are considering a patch for your club, perhaps we should connect. There are many different styles and materials that can be used to make a very unique rider club or motorcycle club custom patch. We also work with reflective materials that are designed for nighttime safety for our client riders. Our artists can help you with the design, just give us an idea as to what your club is about and we can go from there. One word about the quality and then I will go.  Are you finding your current patches are not holding up well?  Let me state that my company is the nation’s leading provider of patches to the automotive industry so quality is our only option.

Check out the Tail of the Dragon North in Carolina and ride safely.