Artex Group Custom Patch Twill Colors

For those of you familiar with designing custom embroidered patches, you know about twill. 

Twill is a heavy fabric that patches are embroidered on.  And if your patch design isn't 100% embroidered on top of that twill with threads, you can choose any number of vibrant colors from our twill options.

Designing a patch with, say, 75% embroidery that will show your choice of twill color gives your patch a great deal of 2D dimension!  The embroidery will have a 'raised' look, which is super eye-catching.

Check out our twill colors below.  Feel free to download the page that has the color you'd like to use!  

Reach out to us for a quote anytime, give us a call at 866-845-1042, or email at  We are happy to help you get started today, designing your own custom embroidered patch!

Artex Group Twill Colors

Twill Book 3

Twill Book Download


Twill Book 2

Twill Book Download, Page 2

Twill Book 1

Twill Book Download, Page 3

Twill Book 4

Twill Book Download, Page 4



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