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Why Custom Patches are a Must-Have for Your Club or Event

Are you tired of your club or event lacking a unique and cohesive identity? Look no further than custom patches! Whether it's for a sports team, social club, or music festival, custom patches are the perfect solution to add a personalized touch to your group. Not only do they display your logo or design in an eye-catching way, but they also create a sense of unity among members. In this blog post, we'll explore why custom patches are a must-have for any club or event and how they can benefit your organization. Get ready to elevate your group's style with these versatile accessories!

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How to Level Up Your Retail Business with Custom Patch Designs

Custom patch designs are increasingly becoming an essential aspect of fashion and branding today. They are versatile and can be customized to match the specific requirements of your retail business. If you are looking to level up your retail business, then custom patches can significantly help you achieve this. So, in this blog post, we’ll explore how you can transform your retail business using custom patch designs.

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A 5 Step Guide to Ordering Patches with Artex Group!

“So how does this work, anyway?”  That's the main question we get from new customers that have never ordered a patch before.  We are here to help make this process easy and efficient for you - no stress!

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The Top 7 Ways to use Custom Patches in 2023

Custom patches are a way to express your connection or participation with a team, institution, employer, cause or event by wearing it on your person, or adding it to an accessory like a bag! They’re also a fantastic way to promote your company or brand in bulk at conferences, tradeshows and festivals.

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Artex Group Custom Patch Twill Colors

For those of you familiar with designing custom embroidered patches, you know about twill. 

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Bulk Patches to Promote your company brand

Has your business come across budget constraints when considering embroidering individual caps and uniform items with direct embroidery?  We are here to help with bulk patches!  

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Angling for Interest in Your Fishing Business?


Angling for Interest in Your Fishing Business?

The winter season is a great time to create custom patches for your fishing tour or charter business in preparation for spring and summer angling. Artex Group can help you create a beautiful, colorful fishing patch that’s memorable and distinctive.  Add fishing patches to tackle boxes, jackets or hats to distinguish your business to give customers cool merch options.

Are you starting a new fishing business? Looking for ways to grow your established fishing charter? Or leading a group of freshwater or deep sea fishing enthusiasts? A fishing patch that you give to customers or group members can increase your visibility and be a marketing tool.

How can using your fishing patch as a giveaway translate into business growth?

Create a social media campaign around the patches. Offer entry into a prize drawing when customers post a selfie or group photo that shows your patch on social media with an endorsement about their fishing experience. Take photos of happy customers wearing your patch, ask them for a testimonial and feature them on your social media feed.

If you have an established brand, create a new patch annually and promote it as a collectible. Keep key brand identity elements the same from year to year, but vary the patch design with a refreshed theme, message or simply the date.

Want help with the look of your patch?

Artex will help you design your patch and can advise you about the best manufacturing approach for your needs. Whether your design is a swordfishing patch or fly fishing patch, is simple or intricate, we offer high-quality options, including embroidered, PVC, woven or dye-sublimated printed custom patches with plastic, iron-on, Velcro, self-adhesive and magnetic backings.

Learn more about Artex Group fishing patches, get a free quote, or call us at 1-866-845-1042.  We’d love to create a fishing patch for you to catch the attention of customers and reel them into your business – hook, line, and sinker.

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Patches For Your Fishing & Hunting Business


Patches For Your Fishing & Hunting Business


Have you dreamt of starting a business for fishing charters? Perhaps you have some experience working as a hunting guide? If so, you’re no doubt wondering how to distinguish yourself from the competition. Marketing can be tricky and running a guide business can be very competitive. In order to get ahead of the curve, you’ll need to stand out and make sure your potential customers know who you are. While there are certainly a number of ways to draw attention to your business, we’re going to look at how fishing patches and hunting patches can help your company.

Brand Recognition

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of creating a hunting or fishing patch is that you are giving your customers a physical memento to remember your brand by. This will help give your brand some much-needed recognition and will also help with word of mouth. This is especially true if the patch you have created features prominently on a key fob, hat, or other accessories that people are likely to see. 

Word of mouth can be a powerful marketing tool, and if you make sure to hand out patches to customers who booked a charter or expedition that you know had a great time they’ll speak highly of your operation to those who ask.

Promotions & Giveaways

Another attractive aspect of creating a custom patch is that you’ll be able to offer these patches as freebies. These patches can be given away at events, handed out to customers, or even given to influencers and other social media personalities to draw attention to your business. This can be a great way to foster new relationships and build trust in your brand. In fact, a quick Google search brought us to this helpful list of the top 1000 fishing influencers on social media, which is clearly a great place to start!

Such a thing ties in well with other social media promotions and free giveaways. Offering up a grab bag or some other sort of prize that includes these patches can be an effective strategy for collecting email addresses to use as a part of your email marketing. Furthermore, if you intend to heavily promote your brand via social media these free patches can be an efficient method to attract visitors to your website.

Show Support For A Cause

Does your company give back to the community? Creating a patch to showcase your charitable efforts and hand it out to your guides on their next fishing charter or hunting expedition. Not only does this draw attention to a worthy cause, but it will also help with your company’s image. 

Need some help creating custom hunting or fishing patches for your business? The Artex Group can assist you with designing and manufacturing a patch that features your logo, no matter how intricate the design may be. We offer a variety of patches, including PVC, embroidered, woven, and dye-sublimated patches with every type of backing you could need. Contact us today, we’d love to assist you!

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Hunting & Fishing Patches - Selecting The Right Patch For You


Hunting & Fishing Patches – Selecting The Right Patch For You

In the first of an ongoing series of blog articles, we’re going to be helping you find the custom patch or badge to best fit your needs. Today we’ll be setting our sights on the great outdoors and discussing the best fishing or hunting patches for your next expedition!

What should you look for in a fishing or hunting patch? If you plan on spending lots of time outdoors you’ll need a patch that’s durable. We proudly manufacture patches that stand up to the elements, even in the most adverse conditions. Our patches will remain attractive years after you’ve bought them.

But just being durable isn’t the only thing to look for in your embroidered hunting patch. Just like a patch for any other article of clothing, you want the one you choose to be stylish and attractive. That’s why it’s important to choose a high-quality patch made from durable materials.  Fortunately, we offer patches made from various substances that offer you a variety of styles to choose from. Let’s look at a few & discuss why they might be right for you!

PVC Hunting & Fishing Patches

PVC patches are made from a soft rubber that can make a great choice for your fishing or hunting club’s patch. One of the most notable elements of PVC patches is the ability to provide attention and detail to the small elements of your logo.  Small fonts are no problem. Most people notice how intense the colors are and PVC patches are both waterproof and windproof, making them great for outdoor use.

Advantages of PVC patches:

  • A long-lasting patch that will retain its color for years to come

  • Waterproof and weatherproof

  • Easy cleaning

  • Ability to show small print in detail

Embroidered Hunting & Fishing Patches

Embroidered patches are very traditional and have been a staple of the hunting/fishing industries for decades.  Our patches are a cost-effective way to make sure that your hunting or fishing club looks stylish in the wilderness! We offer a variety of different backings too. This will make it easy to affix your patch(es) to clothes, hats, vests, etc.

There are some advantages for embroidered patches that you should bear in mind when making a purchase, which we’ve listed here:

Advantages of embroidered patches:

  • Flexible and easily affixed to any garment

  • Cost-effective if you need patches for a large group

  • Polyester threads will not fade wash after wash

Dye Sublimated Patches

Dye sublimated patches are patches that have had the design printed on to their top layer. This process uses heat transferring that will prevent your patch from fading with time or repeat washes. Furthermore, a dye-sublimated patch can have additional embroidery added to bring your idea to life.

Much like PVC patches, a dye-sublimated patch will be resistant to exposure to the elements. This makes a patch like this an attractive option for those that are looking for a patch that will see lots of outdoor use. If your hunting or fishing club is looking for patches this might be the right choice with you. After all, who wants a patch that will fade quickly?

Advantages of dye sublimated patches:

  • Long term durability for a patch, especially when compared to other printing methods

  • Since it’s print based, the attention to fine detail is incredible.

Woven Patches

Many fishing clubs and hunting clubs use woven patches for their custom patches. This is due to the high level of detail that woven patches allow in their design. This becomes quite apparent when compared to other styles of embroidered patches. If you’re worried that your club’s patch features a logo with many small details then this is likely the way to go.

Advantages of woven patches:

  • A high-quality patch that allows for fine detail and intricate designs

  • Can be combined with embroidery to make certain areas of the patch stand out

We hope this guide has been helpful to you. This is just the first of an ongoing series intended to help you pick the right patch for your club or organization. No matter what your needs might be, the Artex Group is always here to help!

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