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Dye Sublimation and Embroidery Combo Patches

Have you ever heard of a 'combo' patch?  This means that there are two different methods to the patch production.  Today, we will learn a little more about a combo of dye sublimation and embroidery.

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The Top 7 Ways to use Custom Patches in 2023

Custom patches are a way to express your connection or participation with a team, institution, employer, cause or event by wearing it on your person, or adding it to an accessory like a bag! They’re also a fantastic way to promote your company or brand in bulk at conferences, tradeshows and festivals.

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Artex Group Custom Patch Twill Colors

For those of you familiar with designing custom embroidered patches, you know about twill. 

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Bulk Patches to Promote your company brand

Has your business come across budget constraints when considering embroidering individual caps and uniform items with direct embroidery?  We are here to help with bulk patches!  

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Custom Boy Scouts of America Patches

Boy Scouts of America Custom Patches

“Be Prepared” with Custom Patches for Boy Scouts of America

Since its founding in 1910, the Boy Scouts of America has grown to more than a million youth participants. Badges and patches have been central to scouting from the earliest days of the organization in the US, and remain important today. Early emblems were embroidered directly on clothing, with later badges taking the form of embroidered patches that were sewn on. New manufacturing options allow more intricate and specialized patches than ever before.

Are you a leader looking for a custom Boy Scouts of America patch to recognize awards, accomplishments or events? Artex Group is here to help! As a licensee for the Boy Scouts of America, we’re proud to partner with you.

Can I create my own design?

Custom is the word for these BSA patches, so your design is where we begin. Circles, squares and custom shapes can feature your district, camp name, special event, dates and more. Use your imagination and incorporate emblems and illustrations that we’ll translate into colorful, high-quality embroidered, woven or dye sublimated printed custom patches.

Just send us a sketch of your ideas, and we’ll provide a free quote. Not sure what your BSA patch should look like? Artex will design your custom patch absolutely free of charge.

How do I apply the custom Boy Scouts patches?

Depending on your intended use, you may use an iron-on adhesive, a press-on peel-and-stick adhesive or sew the patch on. Our customers put patches on caps, neckerchiefs and other apparel. The Artex Group team is happy to advise you about the best options for your BSA custom patch manufacturing and application.

Why should I choose Artex Group for my BSA patches?

In the words of our customer and veteran Scoutmaster Clarke Green, “I’ve been very pleased with both the quality of the patches and the level of service I’ve received from Artex. Artex quotes each job individually and, in my experience, offers a significantly lower price than I’ve found elsewhere.”

Learn more about Artex Group Boy Scouts of America custom patches with a request for a sample, a free quote, or call us at 1-866-845-1042. We’re here to help and answer your questions. Scout’s honor.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Boy Scouts of America®, the Universal Emblem, BSA®, are either registered trademarks or trademarks of the Boy Scouts of America in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

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Why Your Private Security Company Needs Custom Security Patches


4 Reasons Why Your Private Security Company Needs Custom Security Patches

Every security company needs a high-quality patch that features its organization’s logo. These logo patches will help your organization stand out while giving your employees a professional look. Maintaining this sort of professionalism is absolutely vital for any security organization. Fortunately, the Artex Group specializes in creating durable custom security patches that will fulfill your needs. Let’s take a look at why your company will benefit from ordering custom patches from the Artex Group.

Reason #1 – Effective Advertising

When your security guards are on duty they’ll likely perform their duties with an air of authority. By being issuing your employees custom patches you’ll be able to turn this show of strength into effective marketing for your organization. This is especially helpful for companies that frequently work in public locations, and will act as great advertising for your services. Patches will also help to instill trust in the general public and give people someone to turn to when they need assistance.

Reason #2 –  Uniform Identity

On top of the branding that your custom patches will offer, it will also make your organization’s employees easily identifiable. In the event that someone needs assistance from one of your guards, they’ll be able to quickly find a member of your team. This will also act as a great deterrent that will help your guards maintain safety while on duty.

Reason #3 – High Durability

If there’s one thing the Artex Group specializes in, it’s making a highly durable patch that will stand up to wear and tear. We’ve made over 75 million patches for a variety of different organizations, and we’ve learned to specialize in offering our clients exactly what they need. 

When it comes to selecting a patch, we can ensure you’ll receive a high-quality patch that will be sure to stand up to repeated wear and tear. No matter what patch material you choose for your security team, you’re in good hands.

Reason #4 – Variety of Styles & Designs

Speaking of patch materials, the other thing to bear in mind is that we can offer you a patch in a wide variety of different styles, designs, and materials. If you’re looking for a sharp & textured logo we offer PVC patches that stand up to the elements and require minimal care. We also offer woven patches, embroidered patches, and dye sublimated patches as well.

The best part is we can even help you design your patch. Our dedicated team of designers will be here to assist you with bringing your logo to life and giving your patch a professional look. We make every custom patch from scratch and work with you to determine the right size, material, and patch backing. No matter what idea you may have in mind, we can help make it happen.
Ready to take the next steps and create a custom patch for your security team? Reach out to the Artex Group and let’s get started! We’ll be here to assist you with your custom patches, every step of the way.

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New Patch Owners Guide: How To Attach Patch On A Hat


New Patch Owners Guide: How To Attach Patch On A Hat


So, you’ve received your new Artex Group custom patch, and no doubt you love it. But maybe you’re a bit new to sewing or using a heat press and aren’t sure how to affix it to your hat. Well, you’re in luck, because our new series of articles is here to help new patch owners learn the basics of caring for their custom patch. So without further ado here is our guide to attaching a patch on a hat.

How To Sew A Patch On A Hat

Assuming you have an embroidered patch, or any other patch that can be readily sewed, then sewing the hat patch on is a quick and durable way to display your new patch. You’ll really only need a few things to get started, and it’s a very simple process:

  • Please order your patch with our sticky back adhesive. It will allow you to properly place your patch and keep it there while sewing.

  • After you’ve done that you’ll need to find a sewing needle and some thread. We recommend using bonded nylon thread and a topstitch or leather needle. The nylon thread will be tough and last longer than other threads.

  • Once you’ve cut your thread and threaded the needle be sure to tie a knot at the end. You won’t need much thread, maybe 2 feet or so.

  • Start from the inside of the hat so that your knot won’t be exposed. Try to keep your stitching even and consistent, and make sure that you stitch along the edge of your patch.

Using A Heat Press To Attach A Hat Patch

A heat press is a great way to attach a patch if you have one handy. But given the shape of a hat, it might not seem easy to affix a heat press patch. So how should you attach a patch with a heat press? The easiest way to do it is to make sure that your heat press has a mold that can fit the shape of the hat. From there it’s as easy as:

  • Laying down a finishing sheet on the press

  • Order your patch with our sticky back adhesive so you can properly place your patch and keep it there prior to heating. The sticky back also acts as a heat seal too.

  • Once the patch is in place, begin the heat cycle for approximately 15-20 seconds.  We recommend a temperature range of 330-360 and a minimum of 50 pounds of pressure.

  • Make sure to give the patch and hat some time to cool down, and you’ll have a brand new stylish hat patch!

Gluing A Patch To A Hat

Though not the easiest or the most recommended method, you can attach a patch using fabric glue. One thing to note is that the glue may not last forever, but may provide a few years of adequate use. The process itself is as easy as it comes:

  • Remember to order your patch with our stick-back adhesive for additional adhesion. Then apply some glue to the back of the patch.  A thin layer applied to the border and center should do the trick.

  • Apply the patch by hand to the hat and apply firm pressure for at least 30 seconds.

  • Let the glue dry for a few hours

  • Make sure to keep an eye on your patch after you apply it to make sure it’s not coming loose or starting to fall off.

Need any more help with your custom patch? If you aren’t sure how to attach the patches you’ve bought then reach out to us today. We’ll be more than happy to give you a hand with any concerns you may have!

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The Top 3 Benefits of Custom Velcro Patches


The Top 3 Benefits of Custom Velcro Patches

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Are you considering having some custom patches made for your sports league, business team, or police department? Custom velcro patches might be the perfect solution for you. Let’s take a look at the top 3 benefits of velcro backings and what sets them apart from the traditional plastic or heat seal backings.

1. Durability

Our patches are subject to hard use in the field. No matter what, Artex Group patches are durable and will be sure to last. What makes our velcro offerings especially popular for custom police patches and company uniform patches is that these patches can be easily removed before cleaning the garment they are attached to. This means that our already durable patches will have their life greatly extended.

This is good news if you anticipate the patch you are wearing will be seeing hard use. You won’t have to worry about your patch deteriorating after just a few uses. In fact, your Velcro patches might last longer than the clothes, bags, or gear that you have them attached to!

2. Ease of Use

We offer many types of backings for our patches that make affixing them a cinch. That being said, our velcro patches are perhaps the easiest to attach and offer a high level of reuse. The best part is that you can transfer a velcro patch between multiple garments, hats, or bags without having to worry about damaging your apparel. This easy application can make a velcro patch an attractive option for those that are looking to get the maximum utility out of their custom patches.

Our velcro patches also come with both the male and female sides, meaning that you can put the velcro patch anywhere you, please. Just attach the male or female side to whatever garment you want the patch on and you’ve got a quick and easy spot to instantly place your velcro patch.

3. Variety of Patch Styles

All of our embroidered, woven, and dye sublimated patches come with the option of having a velcro backing. So not only do you get the convenience of hook and loop patches, but you also know you’ll have an attractive patch made of the highest quality materials available. No matter how detailed your design maybe we can ensure that you’ll have a reusable velcro patch for your next event or game.

Maybe you’re considering some patches to make it easier to identify yourself as a member of law enforcement or a fire department? Or, you may simply want to create some morale patches for a humorous addition to uniforms and equipment. Whatever your reason may be, we can work with you to create a patch that will help your team stand out from the competition. We’ve created a variety of patches over the years, so it won’t be any problem for us to create a design that you’ll love.

If you’re considering ordering custom velcro patches, contact the Artex Group today or get a free instant quote!

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How to dramatically cut costs on your custom uniform patches


Trade secret: How to dramatically cut costs on your custom uniform patches.

Good news for uniform companies that order custom patches.  As you know, custom patch pricing is partially based on the quantity you order.  The more patches that are made in one production run, the more cost-efficient it is for you.  With that in mind, I highly suggest you consider this amazing cost-cutting idea and give yourself a substantial discount.

It seems that most uniform companies reorder the same custom patches numerous times throughout the year.  For example, you have a contract (or long-term purchasing history) to produce 6000 customized uniforms per year.  Like most uniform companies, you order your patches monthly or quarterly so let’s say you order 1500 patches per quarter.  Like clockwork, your patches arrive on time and like clockwork, you call your patch vendor again in 2-3 months to reorder the same patches.

This purchasing schedule may work well for you but if you have contracted clients or clients with consistent purchasing requirements, here is a secret to dramatically cutting your costs.  A “Stock and Hold” program is based on your client’s yearly usage whereby the majority of your patches are made in one production run. Since the patches are pre-made upfront, your patches are inventoried and always available at your request.   Your custom-made patches would be released and shipped as your requirements come in (weekly, monthly or quarterly).  One call and your patches will be shipped within 24 hours right to your door!  How nice is that?  You can start customizing your apparel within 24 hours of placing your order.  That’s a valuable service to be able to offer your clients.

Here’s where the program makes sense (cents).   Using the 6000 uniforms example, your pricing is based on the 6000 patches, not the monthly or quarterly quantity.  The difference in pricing between 500 (or 1500) and 6000 patches is significant. Savings would be in the 25 to 30% range.

Quick response times (receive your patches within 24 hours of calling your order in) and volume-based pricing could make this program a perfect fit for some of your clientele.  At the end of each year, whatever inventory remains would be released from the initial production run.

Artex Group offers a “Stock and Hold” program perfectly designed for uniform companies that have constant demands for custom patches. Read more about the “Stock and Hold” program for custom patches here and start saving big money on your custom embroidered patches right now.

Before you go, are you familiar with sublimated patches?  This process produces a patch with photo-realistic imagery.  You can even add embroidery giving the patch a beautiful, textured quality. They are very unique and given the incredible detail you can achieve, they offer a creative accessory option for customizing uniforms

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