Promote Your Business With Custom Embroidered Patches


Promote Your Business With Custom Embroidered Patches

There are over 32 million small businesses in the United States.

What do all of these businesses share? A goal to grow and succeed. Investing in marketing tools is the easiest way to stand out and reach your goals.

Custom embroidered patches offer a unique look that highlights and advertises your business. Are you trying to decide if patches are right for your marketing strategy? This article covers everything you need to know about why custom embroidered patches are a great idea for your business growth strategy!

  1. Why Custom Embroidered Patches Are an Effective Marketing Tool

Custom embroidered patches turn people into walking billboards for your brand. We’ll dive into the ways to use custom embroidered patches down below, but they are most often found attached to clothing.

The marketing Rule of Seven hypothesizes that consumers need seven interactions with your brand before taking action. Custom embroidered logo impressions (when they see someone else wearing your logo) count as interactions.

The more they are exposed to your logo, the more curious they become, and the more likely they are to engage with your brand. In the long run, this strategy generates awareness and increases conversions.

  1. The Best Ways to Use Custom Embroidered Patches to Promote Your Business

Embroidered patches are an inexpensive way to customize a plethora of items. Review the ways below that embroidered custom-made patches can elevate your brand.


Embroidered patches add beautiful detail to regular clothing. They also help diversify and market your brand. You can add embroidered patches to pockets, denim, and even jacket sleeves.


Custom patches for hats are one of the most common placements of patches. They can also be placed on tote bags, canvas shoes, and scarves.

Floor Mats

You might not have noticed, but next time you’re at the car dealership, take a look at the floor mats. Embroidered patch logos are often adhered to floor mats to brand items.

Stand Alone

Don’t know how to use your patches yet? That’s ok!

Embroidered patches are available with velcro, iron-on, and self-adhesive backings. These make great options when you just want to have patches on hand for future projects.

You can also hand them out as consumer souvenirs. This generates a positive customer experience.

  1. The Benefits of Custom Embroidered Patches

One of the main benefits of customer embroidered patches is their versatility. Instead of being confined to one type of promotional material (like with a bulk purchase of custom graphic t-shirts or branded socks), patches can be archived and used on a variety of items.

You can purchase one hundred patches and designate 20% to embellish blank t-shirts, 20% for socks, 50% for hats, and 10% for backpacks. Not everyone wants a t-shirt or just socks.

With the versatility of patches, you are then able to purchase white label clothing and accessories in quantities that fit your needs. You can then embellish pieces on an as-needed basis by quickly adhering the patches.

This strategy saves time, saves money, delights consumers, and reduces waste. It will save you the headache of over-purchasing too many custom products and not knowing what to do with them.

  1. Types of Custom Patches and Their Benefits

A custom patch creates camaraderie and marks milestones. All of the patches below can be molded to your desired shape, color, and size. In this section, we’ll dissect the four most common types of custom-made patches.

Embroidered Patches 

Embroidered brand patches are the most commonly used patch. The entire patch is embroidered, as the name implies, which means your design is interlaced using high-quality threads.

Color-safe matching is used to ensure the Pantone exactly matches your design. That is why Artex is trusted by the world’s leading brands for all their embroidered patch needs.

Dye Sublimation Patches

Do you have a complicated logo? With dye sublimation, the team at Artex can turn any graphic, logo, or pattern into a custom patch. Dye sublimation uses a precise Pantone matching system that replicates the exact colors used in your designs.

Dye sublimation is a digital printing technology that uses heat transfer to apply an image to your custom patch. The result is a perfectly accurate design with a slight texture.

Woven Patched

Woven patches are different from embroidered patches. In embroidery, thick threads are interlaced with one another. In a woven patch, thin threads are strung together to manufacture patches with extreme detailing yet a thinner touch.

Woven Patches are quite similar to woven labels used for logos and laundry. They are ideal for t-shirts and clothing where you do not want a heavy patch.

PVC Patches

PVC is short for Polyvinyl Chloride. It is more commonly referred to as “vinyl” and is a type of plastic. PVC patches are weatherproof and waterproof. Like all Artex patches, PVC patches can be custom matched to your Pantone colors.

You can choose from 2D or 3D textures for custom PVC patches.

  1. How to Order Custom Embroidered Patches

Ordering your custom embroidered patches from Artex is easy! Just follow the steps below to create and order your patches:

  1. Create your design
  2. Alternatively, you can work with a member of the Artex design team who can help you build the perfect patch
  3. Pick your backing (this will determine how your patch will adhere)
    1. Plastic
    2. Iron-on
    3. Velcro
    4. Self-adhesive tape
    5. Magnetic
  4. Select your patch border
    1. Embroidered
    2. Sublimated
    3. Woven
    4. PVC
  5. Get a quote

You can request a quote by phone or email. Artex minums are as low as 50 patches! In your quote order form, you’ll have the opportunity to answer questions about your order, such as:

  • Patch style
  • Order quantity
  • Design artwork
  • Patch dimensions

Answering all of the above questions will ensure you get an accurate quote on cost and lead-time estimates.

Embroidered Patches Help Get Your Brand Noticed

Custom embroidered patches are an easy and affordable way to market your brand. Consider them for your next fair, tradeshow, or store! They are a great way to provide an entry-level product for consumers and market at B2B events.

Contact us today to inquire about your embroidered custom logo patches!


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