PVC Patches


PVC Patches

PVC patches that feature an American flag, The Elites (1984), a spaceship, and Leupold Tactical

PVC Patches – Not a Plastic Pipe, But a Pipeline to Marketing

Working on a patch design with a lot of intricate detail?

PVC patches could be the perfect solution!

These custom patches offer precision reproduction of your design with near-perfect color matching and better rendering of fine detail than may be possible with an embroidered patch.

Artex Group’s custom PVC patches are waterproof and weatherproof, making them durable and versatile for outdoor uses as well apparel branding. Each PVC patch design is custom molded and can take virtually any shape. You can specify most Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors to keep your brand and marketing consistent, too.

What is PVC?

When you hear PVC, you might think of pipes for plumbing and construction. Known for their strength and water resistance, PVC pipes are made from the same type of material as our PVC patches – polyvinyl chloride, a synthetic plastic polymer. In its more flexible form, PVC is ideal for molding into our custom PVC patches.

Can you create a textured PVC patch?

Our PVC patches can include 2D or 3D textures, adding interest and tactile quality to your design. You can make the background one level of the patch and a logo or graphic on top of the background a different color and level of the PVC material.

How do you attach PVC patches?

Like our embroidered emblems, our PVC patches can be plastic-backed for sewn-on applications. If sewing on the patch is too permanent, our PVC patches also can be backed with Velcro for removable and repeated on/off uses.

How can you use custom PVC patches?

Artex Group’s PVC patches are great for clothing and other apparel branding. Our clients frequently use them for garments, caps, and canvas bags. Custom PVC patches’ resistance to fading and cracking makes them a great choice for gear used and worn by first responders and military service members.

Learn more about our custom PVC patches

Request a free quote, or call 1-866-845-1042 and talk with the Artex Group team. We’re here to help you build your marketing pipeline with on-brand and high-quality PVC patches!


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