How to Reward Employees (Hint: Use Custom Patches!)


How to Reward Employees (Hint: Use Custom Patches!)

Happy employees. That can be the factor that makes or breaks your company. While employees need good leadership to thrive, leaders need their employees to feel appreciated and motivated to succeed.

Unfortunately, over 65% of employees feel that they are not recognized at work. This can create problems with morale and potentially high turnover if it is not addressed.

What is the solution? Find more ways to reward employees.

One way that you can do that is by using custom patches. But how will custom patches help reward employees? What can you use them for?

This is your guide on why you should use custom patches for rewarding employees.

Making Your Employees Feel Appreciated

One thing that custom patches can do for your employees is to make them feel more appreciated at work. How is this the case?

Well, you can run employee incentive programs or contests to see who comes out on top. Of course, employees may not give 100% just for a patch. But if you attach it to a bigger prize and give it as a symbol of success, like a trophy, it can be something that the employee remembers for a long time.

Considering that only about 35% of employees feel recognized at work, this can increase an employee’s morale and make them feel like they are just a number in the crowd.

Also, having the patches made for this can be seen as the company making the extra effort to make their employees happy. This can turn into a big event for that group of employees and create friendly competition among them.

Increasing Employee Retention

Going along with making your employees feel appreciated can also lead to retaining more of the employees that you already have.

One study suggests that employees are 63% more likely to stay with their current company if they feel like they are recognized at work. On top of this, 91% of Human Resource professionals believe that employee recognition and rewards play a part in employees wanting to stay with the company.

Retention is not only good for employee morale, but it can also lead to building more team chemistry. This is because with increasing employee retention, you are more likely to have the same people working together for a longer period of time.

Along with this, it can prevent companies from facing a high turnover rate and constantly having to train new employees. By eliminating that problem, you are creating an established m among your employees and a place where employees actually want to work.

Build Team Chemistry

Custom patches do not have to be limited to rewarding employees in contests or incentive programs. They can also be used to establish team chemistry if you go about it the right way.

An example of this is if the company has a big anniversary party. To make everyone feel like they are part of the team and even a family, one can make custom patches for everyone to wear together.

This can symbolize a sense of unity and that can be the memory that employees have after leaving that celebration.

As mentioned above, team chemistry can be formed by the successful retention of employees as well.

If you get employees on the same page and help them have a better understanding of each other, you can start to see them work together like a well-oiled machine. Do not be afraid of trying out props like custom patches to get the ball rolling.

Allow Creativity

Something else that you can do with custom patches to reward employees is to test out their creativity. Let a group of employees decide what custom patch to get for the company or their team.

Of course, if you are concerned about how that patch will represent your company, you can have them run it by your first. However, if you give these employees a little more freedom and power for what they are going to wear around work or to represent their company, they are more likely to feel appreciated.

This can be used as a way of rewarding employees that pick out the best concept as well. You can use the skills that the employees put into this project in other future creative projects that you might have within the company.

Brand Recognition

Finally, you can reward employees by helping your company get brand recognition. At public events, in particular, employees can wear patches as a clear unifying representative of your company.

It can provide the anchor memory that guests or viewers of one of your public outings need to help encourage them to use your business more often.

An example could be if your company is doing a marketing event right outside of a popular sports venue. You can get tens of thousands of people to walk by your booth within a few hours.

They will need something to remember your company by. So, if your employees are engaged, they can start these conversations with those guests. Eventually, guests will notice the patch that all of the employees are wearing to represent the company.

Start Using Custom Patches

These are just some of the ways that custom patches can help in taking care of employees. The best part is that all of these reasons can build off of each other from appreciation to employee retention, team chemistry, and brand recognition.

Are you ready to use custom patches to reward employees? Request a quote today to get started 


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