4 Patch Styles to fit any need or budget!

A custom patch promotes your brand, unites people, marks important achievements or milestones, and makes your organization easy to identify.

Artex Group designs and produces custom patches in four different styles to fit your preferred size, shape, and material preference. Whether you have a design or logo you want to have made into a custom patch or you want one of our designers to create a brand new design for you, we invite you to let our team work with you.

Our talented designers will design a layout that will best translate your image or message onto one of four types of patches: embroidered, sublimated, woven, and PVC. With industry-leading customer service, fair pricing, and a fast turnaround time, we will make your vision a reality.

PVC patches are a modern alternative to embroidered patches. They are made from a soft, flexible, durable plastic that comes in a variety of colors and gives your design a 2D or even a 3D look.
Fully embroidered patches are the most traditional style of patch we make with a thicker feel and heavier stitching. In our opinion, this style will never lose appeal!
The third patch in this line up is our woven style. A woven patch is created with a thinner thread than the fully embroidered patch. These tiny threads enable a tighter weave so there can be much more detail in a woven design. Cleaner lines and a flatter appearance almost give these a printed look.
And last but not least, the fourth patch is our dye sublimated style. These provide a photo-realistic clarity. Our printers use heat to transfer the dye directly into the fabric - taking your logo to the next level with precise colors and intricate detail.
Which option would you pick for YOUR event, company or marketing endeavor?

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