Reasons You Should Choose Custom PVC Patches


Reasons You Should Choose Custom PVC Patches

Custom PVC Patches


Custom PVC patches are surprisingly suitable replacements for the common embroidery type. They have good quality, durability, flexibility, and various applications. They come in multiple colors, too, making it easy to pick the right one for your design. Plus, their durability allows them to be worn outdoors in any weather.

How Are Custom PVC Patches Made?

A PVC patch requires several steps from start to finish. First, you need to select the design for your custom patches. You can use any shape, size, and color you want. After this, we create a customized metal mold for shaping the design. Each design requires a separate mold according to its shape and size. After creating a mold, we make it more soft and glossy by polishing it so that the patches will be without any cracks or other marks.

After completing the mold, it’s time to pour PVC liquid into it. The first layer of design is poured into a mold and let dry. Then the second layer is added to it and dried. The third layer is poured on top of the second layer and dried. 

This process continues until all of the layers are complete. Drying each layer lets them remain in proper shape, so you can remove excess PVC from them and prevent mixing different colors. It is also the best choice to add more colors to your designs when PVC liquid is completely dry.

When your patch is completely dry, it’s time to add the backing onto it—no matter if it’s an adhesive backing or Velcro backing—depending on how you intend to use it.

What Goes into Making Custom PVC Patches?

  • Color. There is no limit in colors. You can choose as many shades or hues as you like.

  • Design. You can use 2D or 3D design to create your customized design. If you want a sculpted look, choose the 3D format. For a simple appearance, go 2D.

  • Shape. In creating a unique patch, consider using any form like circle, square, rectangular, or triangular.

  • Size. The range of PVC paths is unlimited. Round patch sizes range between 3 to 3 ½ inches, with a standard size of 3″ x 2″.

What Type of Backings Can They Have?

Custom PVC patches come in a variety of backing materials like:

  • Adhesive

  • Button

  • Magnetic

  • Sew-on

  • Velcro

Reasons for Choosing Custom PVC Patches

  • Design Flexibility: If you’re looking for a fashionable design for your custom patch, only PVC is your best option. Because this malleable, soft plastic liquid can be molded into any shape you want, you can get the design you want. There are no limits to the designs and shapes. You can choose any color and shape.

  • Structural Durability and Flexibility: As we mentioned above, PVC patches are flexible because they are made using PVC material. Here, we further explain why they are so resilient and last long. PVC patches are resistant to any weather, regardless of how they are used or the type of weather they might encounter. 

They can be used outdoors, and they will not be affected. Because these patches are so weather-resistant, they can be used for military and security agencies’ uniforms and gadgets. They can use PVC patches in any way that suits their purposes—the material will remain unchanged and will retain the same properties.

Print Custom PVC Patches Right Away

The PVC patches are long-lasting, stylish, and trendy now. Despite their steeper price, these patches allow you to create any desired design, and there is no limit to the shape, size, or color of your designs. Their high quality and durability make these patches suitable for any outdoor apparel or gadget.

Artex Group makes the custom PVC patches in whatever shape, size, or style you want. We have talented designers who collaborate closely with you to design a layout that best represents your vision. Get a quote from us today!



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