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How to dramatically cut costs on your custom uniform patches


Trade secret: How to dramatically cut costs on your custom uniform patches.

Good news for uniform companies that order custom patches.  As you know, custom patch pricing is partially based on the quantity you order.  The more patches that are made in one production run, the more cost-efficient it is for you.  With that in mind, I highly suggest you consider this amazing cost-cutting idea and give yourself a substantial discount.

It seems that most uniform companies reorder the same custom patches numerous times throughout the year.  For example, you have a contract (or long-term purchasing history) to produce 6000 customized uniforms per year.  Like most uniform companies, you order your patches monthly or quarterly so let’s say you order 1500 patches per quarter.  Like clockwork, your patches arrive on time and like clockwork, you call your patch vendor again in 2-3 months to reorder the same patches.

This purchasing schedule may work well for you but if you have contracted clients or clients with consistent purchasing requirements, here is a secret to dramatically cutting your costs.  A “Stock and Hold” program is based on your client’s yearly usage whereby the majority of your patches are made in one production run. Since the patches are pre-made upfront, your patches are inventoried and always available at your request.   Your custom-made patches would be released and shipped as your requirements come in (weekly, monthly or quarterly).  One call and your patches will be shipped within 24 hours right to your door!  How nice is that?  You can start customizing your apparel within 24 hours of placing your order.  That’s a valuable service to be able to offer your clients.

Here’s where the program makes sense (cents).   Using the 6000 uniforms example, your pricing is based on the 6000 patches, not the monthly or quarterly quantity.  The difference in pricing between 500 (or 1500) and 6000 patches is significant. Savings would be in the 25 to 30% range.

Quick response times (receive your patches within 24 hours of calling your order in) and volume-based pricing could make this program a perfect fit for some of your clientele.  At the end of each year, whatever inventory remains would be released from the initial production run.

Artex Group offers a “Stock and Hold” program perfectly designed for uniform companies that have constant demands for custom patches. Read more about the “Stock and Hold” program for custom patches here and start saving big money on your custom embroidered patches right now.

Before you go, are you familiar with sublimated patches?  This process produces a patch with photo-realistic imagery.  You can even add embroidery giving the patch a beautiful, textured quality. They are very unique and given the incredible detail you can achieve, they offer a creative accessory option for customizing uniforms

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Embroidered Woven Patch | Martial Arts


Martial arts patches for your gi – The embroidered woven patch.


As our martial arts clients consistently use embroidered patches for their uniforms, they understand and appreciate the importance of quality. As most martial arts uniforms come face to face with washing and drying machines from time to time, embroidered patch quality is of the essence.  The patch is generally the focal point of the martial arts gi. Making sure it looks good and retains its color throughout its life cycle is our focus.

As you know from our website, we are a major provider of custom patches to the automotive industry.  One of the reasons we have this distinction is due to our approach to quality control.  Each patch must be perfect, no exceptions. This is not only the foundation of our company philosophy it is also a requirement of the global industries we serve.  We will make sure the patches on your gi look fantastic each and every time your students enter the dojo.

Want to spruce up the look of your patches?  We suggest you consider our embroidered woven patch, a combination of a woven label and embroidered patch. The woven label process uses fine yarns resulting in extremely detailed embroidery. One of the most noticed improvements is how most font styles, even the most delicate varieties, appear impressively clear and sharp. Combining this detailed approach with the dimensional qualities of standard embroidery provides a uniquely eye pleasing result.  Best of all, durability is guaranteed as both processes are tried and true in the apparel industry.

Embroidered woven patches would be applied to your uniforms the same as your current patches (iron-on, Velcro or sew-on).  Most sizes and shapes are acceptable so if this sounds like a possibility for your patch program, just give us a call.  Remember to ask for “embroidered woven patches” and lets see what we can create together

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Great design is key for promoting your brand on custom patches


Great design is key for promoting your brand on custom patches


An artist friend of mine recently came to me with a design/logo she created asking how could she promote this idea into a money making proposition. The logo had no significant message or meaning, it was just a cool looking design.  She envisioned her logo being worn on all types of clothing.  The logo could be made in various colors providing the wearer with creative individualism.  Apply the logo to a shirt and you would have one cool looking shirt.  Put it on a cap and you would have one piece of hip headwear.

I completely agreed with her.  Bottom line is if you ask someone why they are wearing a piece of branded apparel, the most common response is “I don’t know, it just looks good”.  The logo’s relevancy is irrelevant as long as the person wearing the logo thinks it compliments his or her apparel.  Kind of like the swoosh we all have come to know.  If it makes you feel like an athlete, then you are going to wear it.  If it makes you feel hip, you are going to wear it.  It’s that simple.

Her options for bringing her creativity to life were simple and readily available.  We could make embroidered patches, woven labels (like you tags you find on the inside back of your shirt) or sublimated patches (providing photorealistic qualities).   Each option provides a unique look and the discussion of using all three made this project more appealing to her.

The process is very simple.  We take her artwork, transform it into either one or all of the available options, and through our extensive apparel line, select the appropriate clothing.  We would take care of all the necessary steps including the customizing.  In other words, Artex Group could provide her a turnkey product.   As of this writing, the wheels are in motion and I look forward to sharing more on progress of her design and the marketing efforts behind her “brand”.

If any of this resonates with yourself, I invite you to call us to discuss what can be done to bring your idea or concept to life.  Branding is all about how something makes us feel.  That’s the essence behind any successful branding.  If something looks good on me, I’m going to wear it.  Take a look at what you wear and see how branding may have played a role in your purchasing decisions.   So if you have a hip idea for a logo and want to turn it into a brand identity, let’s talk.  Nothing gained, nothing lost so don’t let your concept go by the wayside without at least chatting with us.  Ask for me, Richard.  I welcome it.

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Tips for Designing Your Company's Embroidered Custom Patches


Tips for designing your company’s embroidered custom made patches and emblems for corporate branding.

I need an embroidered patch but I don’t have any artwork. Sounds familiar? Let us show you how easy it is to get this project in the “accomplished” category. Remember, no experience is necessary and we will help you throughout this simple process while making it fun!

There are a few ways to go about getting started. First, let’s assume you do not have any artwork. Our suggestion would be to write down the most important aspects of what you wish to convey. In other words, what are you trying to accomplish with this emblem? Is it for marketing or celebrating an event? Is it for marketing or advertising your company’s logo?

Next, jot down all the main items or elements you wish to have in it. For example, if it’s for a camping event, you may want a tent, camp side fire, and canoe, along with the name and date of the event.

Next, consider the size and shape of the emblem. Would you prefer a circular or rectangular shape or perhaps you want a laser-cut finish whereby we eliminate most of the background by laser cutting your logo. The emblem’s size can be determined by what you intend to do with it. Are the emblems going on uniforms or hats, or given out as souvenirs? Above all, we will surely offer suggestions for both the size and shape that best suits your intentions.

So, now you have an idea of what you want in your emblem, what it needs to convey, and the mode of application (uniform, hat, or otherwise). Now all you need to do is contact a highly qualified embroidered patch manufacturer who will call you within 24 hours to go over any and all details regarding your emblem. You can list or attach any pertinent information on a request form including any artwork you may have, even if it’s a bunch of stick figures.

Embroidered Patch Account Executives will go over every detail needed for the design team to create your emblem. you will be assisted in determining the type of backing, percentage of embroidery, and thread color selections needed to get your emblem completed. Once a design has been created and approved by you, then an actual sew-out will be created for you to review and approve. If all is to your satisfaction, the production process begins and the manufacturing, branding, and identity of your embroidered patches are up and running. It’s just that easy. We are here for you and look forward to helping you create the perfect emblem.

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