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A 5 Step Guide to Ordering Patches with Artex Group!

“So how does this work, anyway?”  That's the main question we get from new customers that have never ordered a patch before.  We are here to help make this process easy and efficient for you - no stress!

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Dye Sublimation and Embroidery Combo Patches

Have you ever heard of a 'combo' patch?  This means that there are two different methods to the patch production.  Today, we will learn a little more about a combo of dye sublimation and embroidery.

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Artex Group Custom Patch Twill Colors

For those of you familiar with designing custom embroidered patches, you know about twill. 

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Choose the Best Custom Patches Maker with These Tips


Choose the Best Custom Patches Maker with These Tips

Every business, organization, or institute needs the best custom patches to help promote themselves. A good, experienced patch maker will be able to create a high-quality custom design patch for your needs.

We will share some valuable tips for finding the perfect patch maker in this article. Choosing the perfect one for your business will be easier when you know what you need from your patch maker.

Here are some tips for selecting the best custom patch maker for your business.


You may not have a clear idea about the patches you want for your business. If this is the case, the best patch-making company will provide a significant number of options for you to choose from. They will welcome your input and work closely with you to develop a patch that represents what you want.

Creative Designs

To create the best result, ask for samples of the artist’s work related to the services you require.

Ask for help, guidance and suggestions regarding your patch design. 

Check their past works, too, for further scrutiny. You’ll want to ensure that they can replicate the colors to the exact or similar hue in their final design.


Whether you need the best custom patches created or you’re looking for advice on how to get the most out of your order, you want someone who knows their business. You want the best quality and the fastest turnarounds for a reasonable price. All these details boil down to the patch maker’s expertise. 

Check with the manufacturer about their experience and other clients’ experiences before placing your order; once you have established that they have a good reputation, you can move forward.

Prompt Delivery

Before placing an order, make sure the seller can deliver your custom patches on time. If you need your patches by a specific date, make sure your patch maker knows this upfront and can accommodate your needs.

Read Reviews

If you look at the reviews left by past customers on a patch-making company’s website or on other websites like Google, you can learn a lot about the company. You can get a good idea if others had a good experience with their company and if not, what they didn’t like about their service. Keep in mind that often the reviewers that are unhappy with a purchase are the first to leave a negative review, so keep that in mind when evaluating user reviews.

Reasonable Prices

Finding a patch manufacturer that offers quality patches at a fair and competitive price is important. Finding someone you are comfortable working with, and understands your needs and goals, is also important in choosing a patch manufacturer.

While there’s nothing wrong with price shopping, it’s also important to choose a company that has experience in making quality custom patches and selecting a company you feel comfortable working with. So competitive, fair prices are important, but cheap is not always better.

For larger orders, you may qualify for a bulk discount on your patches.

Print Those Patches Right Away


The best custom patches catch people’s attention and increase business because they are created according to the clients’ requirements. Follow the above tips, and you’ll likely have a good experience and get your patches that look precisely the way your logo does at a cost that didn’t break the bank.

Artex Group makes the best custom patches from whatever shape, size, or style you want. We have talented designers who collaborate closely with you to design a layout that best represents your vision. Get a quote from us today!


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7 Types of Patches You Can Use to Promote Your Brand


7 Types of Patches You Can Use to Promote Your Brand



Whether you have a big or small business, you should always grab opportunities that allow you to spread the word about what you offer. For instance, deliver something attractive and unique by using custom patches.

Patches can be seen on hats, shirts, jackets, and bags which means you get to advertise your brand wherever the wearer goes. It’s something that’s undeniably useful, and ultimately works.

Before you start producing custom-made patches, take a look at the most popular types you can consider using to promote your brand.

  1. Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are mostly used to personalize hats and shirts. Making embroidery patches usually involves machines and are typically created in three layers. The top layer is cotton, the middle is made from non-woven fabric, and the bottom layer is for the backing.

It’s important to note, however, that embroidered patches should be placed in items with high-quality materials. If a jacket, for instance, is made from a light fabric, the patches can easily tear through it.

  1. Chenille Patches

Chenille patches are great for customizing caps, shirts, and jackets. The patches are usually sewn on an item’s sleeves or chest, but you can also use them to customize bags.

These patches can be made from different methods, but the most common, and popular, is the sewn patch. It is made of a hook, which makes it hefty and tough.

  1. Iron-on Patches

Iron-on patches come in a wide variety of styles and designs. There are patches for baseball caps, for example, and for flags, which you can easily sew on backpacks and tents.

These patches are typically made in the same way as embroidery patches—in three layers. The fabrics used, however, are polyester, nylon, nylon tricot, and cotton.

  1. Leather Patches

Leather patches may not be as popular as the others, but that only means that the patches are ideal for those who want to create distinctive designs with unique looks

These patches are quite tough, so they don’t tear easily. They also last for a long time and can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

  1. PU Leather Patches

PU leather patches are much like leather patches. What sets it apart, however, is its durability and flexibility. PU leather is usually used to make patches for accessories, bags, and garments, among others.

The patches are both water- and heat-resistant, which means that you can use them in any condition. They’re also quite soft, which is great for those who want to feel comfortable every time they use them.

  1. PVC Patches

Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC patches and are made in layers that can be screen printed in multiple colors. PVC embossed patches look like embroidery patches but are actually made from PVC which is a type of vinyl .

These patches are great for car floor mats, buttons, hats, and pin-on items.

  1. Woven Patches

Woven patches are made from cotton and other fabrics that are easy to wear and use. These patches are made stitching a design into a fabric. They have a smoother finish than embroidered patches. Custom women patches can also be placed in hats, bags, and military uniforms.

Final Thoughts

With so many patch type choices let our professionals help guide you. We can work from your artwork or we can help you design what you need.

For the best custom patches, place an order at Artex Group today. With our personalized patches, you can elevate your brand. We can create new designs for you or utilize a logo you have in mind. Request a quote for a group order today to get started.

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Why You Should Use Custom Embroidered Patches for Branding


Why You Should Use Custom Embroidered Patches for Branding

Today, branding and marketing are much different from how they were in the past. Much of the process involves the internet these days, considering how tech-savvy the world has become.

However, some traditional things remain useful despite the prevalence of technology. One of these is the brand patch.

Brand patches are visual symbols. Companies use them as a logo on their clothes or a stamped image on their products.

What Are the Benefits of Brand Patches?

People might think that brand patches are outdated, mainly since most business dealings and branding occur online. However, brand patches have much to offer you and your company.

See these benefits below.

1. Low-Cost Branding Solution

Brand patches are low-cost branding solutions. If you want to brand or advertise your product or services but don’t have the budget for an entire campaign, this option may be for you.

Brand patches are easy to customize. Plus, they come in all shapes and sizes, allowing companies to explore a wide range of designs to suit their preferences.

2. Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is one of the main reasons why companies use brand patches. They help customers recognize and remember your brand’s logo. You can use it as a badge of quality for your products or services.

Take, for example, the iconic sportswear brand Nike. They have a specific brand patch that everyone recognizes and associates with the company.

3. Easy Customization

You can easily customize brand patches to represent your brand. If you want to include your company’s name on the patch, you can do that. You can also choose a specific color scheme and a design that represents your brand.

Custom patches also make for a uniform design. Instead of commissioning different designs for your products, you can customize the patch once and use it on all your products.

4. Promotional Purposes

Brand patches are also helpful when it comes to promotional purposes. If you want to create a fun contest, you can use custom patches as prizes.

Custom patches are also ideal for branding your events. You can give the patches to your event participants, encouraging them to take selfies with your patch and post on their social media with your hashtag.  You can run a contest, select a winner and help promote your brand in the process.

5. Unique Marketing Tool

Brand patches are unique because they are small and easy to carry. You can place these patches on bags and clothing, or on the sleeve or pocket of your shirts.

Your brand patch is a valuable marketing tool to help your business reach a wider audience. If customers see your product with the customized patch, they will automatically recognize your brand.

6. Durable

Brand patches are also durable, unlike other forms of advertising. They can withstand most weather conditions, including rain and heat. Unlike stickers, they do not easily fade or peel off.

Moreover, сustom patches are not as sensitive to abrasion and washing. You can place it in the washing machine, and it will still stay on the garment.

7. Multi-Purpose

Custom patches also save you money because you can use them for different purposes. Instead of buying a brand new patch every time, you can tweak the design and use it again on another product.

For instance, you can place the custom patch on a medium-sized bag or a backpack. The same goes for shirts.


Custom patches are effective when used for branding and marketing. They have many benefits that you will not get from other forms of marketing.

You can create a unique logo that represents your brand, customize the patch for different purposes and designs, and place it on bags and shirts. Additionally, it can withstand the usual wear and tear.

The best thing about custom patches is that you can get them for fantastic prices at Artex Group. Established in 2002, we have years of experience producing custom woven patches and other designs. Contact us today to get yours made!


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Our Guide To Custom Sports Patches


Our Guide To Custom Sports Patches


Got a favorite team that you want to support? Maybe you’d like some custom patches for a football team,  little league baseball team, or soccer team? If you’re on the market for a high-quality custom sports patch we can create a custom patch for any team. But, perhaps you need a bit of help in deciding which is the best patch for your league. Let’s take a look at the different types of patches and discuss which of our offerings would be the best fit for you and your league.

Custom Embroidered Patches

 We generally recommend using embroidered patches for sports patches. Embroidered patches will let the colors of your team stand out, and will add some eye-catching detail to your logo. Just like all of our patches, our embroidered patches are durable and designed to stand up to wear and tear on the field.

Custom PVC Patches

Another strong option for your sports team’s jerseys or uniforms is PVC patches. The biggest advantages to PVC patches are that they are immensely durable but also incredibly easy to clean. If you play a sport that might require your team to play in a muddy or rainy environment then a PVC patch might not be a bad idea. 

You’ll never have to worry about these patches becoming stained. Any mud or dirt that ends up on your patch can simply be washed off with tap water and left to air dry. This makes them an excellent choice for sports leagues that find themselves in inclement conditions, such as paintball teams or rugby leagues.

Custom Woven Patches

While the two previous options are great for those of us that will be on the field, a woven patch is a great option for folks that are just looking to support their favorite team. These patches offer a fine level of detail for logos and emblems, making them a good option for folks that are interested in showing some love to their favorite team.

Dye Sublimated Patches

If photographic detail is a must-have for your team’s logo these patches are the way to go. Dye sublimated patches offer a photo-realistic patch. Embroidery can even be added to give your patch a tactile and dimensional feel while allowing the dye sublimation process to still provide a level of photorealism.

Need some help with your sports team’s patch? Reach out to us! The Artex Group is the leading industry expert on creating patches of every shape and size. We have a team of designers that are eager to help you with creating a custom patch that will make your team stand out from the crowd.

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How To Market Your Business With Custom Patches


If you’re looking for an affordable option for marketing your business then custom patches might be the right fit for you. Our durable and striking patches offer great branding and marketing options for those who are looking to bring more visibility to their business. Custom patches will allow you to add your logo to clothing, hats, and bags. If you need a patch for a corporate event, such as a convention or expo you’re attending, then this might be the perfect opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Create A Custom Patch

The most obvious place to start is working with a representative from the Artex Group to help create a custom patch for you. We employ a team of designers and artists to assist you during this process, and we’ll make sure that you are completely satisfied with the patch design you receive.

We’ll even help you decide on the best type of patch material to use, depending on what your plans are. We offer patches in a wide variety of styles, materials, and backings. This includes PVC patches, embroidered patches, woven patches, and dye sublimated patches.

Tips For Marketing With Custom Patches

No matter how you’re using your custom patches, it’s a good idea to have your logo feature prominently and make your logo simple and easy to read. Attaching your patch to t-shirts, polos, hats, and jackets is a great place to start. Of course, you aren’t just limited to using your brand new custom patches for clothing or hats. Consider the following ideas:

  • Add your patches to bags or backpacks
  • Include your patch as a freebie inside of grab bags
  • Adhere a pin to the back of your patch to turn it in a removable pin
  • Attach your patch to can koozies
  • Turn your custom patch into a keyring

Standing Out With Custom Patches

Another thing to consider is that you don’t have to giveaway patches to potential customers. Decking out your team in stylish patches is another surefire method for getting brand name recognition. For example, if a member (or members) of your team have recently accomplished something noteworthy, such as earning a certification, consider making a patch to add to your company’s uniforms. Such a thing will help to instill trust in customers and will exquisitely showcase expertise. 

If you have a group of charismatic and enthusiastic employees consider making them brand ambassadors. These ambassadors will share their passion for your business with folks they meet, converting them into potential customers. By having them wear your company logo they’ll be able to foster goodwill for your brand.

Need some further assistance with your custom patch? Reach out to us today! The Artex Group has the expertise and know-how to help you design and manufacture a custom patch without the headache. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

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