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Artex Group Custom Patch Twill Colors

For those of you familiar with designing custom embroidered patches, you know about twill. 

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How To Market Your Business With Custom Patches


If you’re looking for an affordable option for marketing your business then custom patches might be the right fit for you. Our durable and striking patches offer great branding and marketing options for those who are looking to bring more visibility to their business. Custom patches will allow you to add your logo to clothing, hats, and bags. If you need a patch for a corporate event, such as a convention or expo you’re attending, then this might be the perfect opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Create A Custom Patch

The most obvious place to start is working with a representative from the Artex Group to help create a custom patch for you. We employ a team of designers and artists to assist you during this process, and we’ll make sure that you are completely satisfied with the patch design you receive.

We’ll even help you decide on the best type of patch material to use, depending on what your plans are. We offer patches in a wide variety of styles, materials, and backings. This includes PVC patches, embroidered patches, woven patches, and dye sublimated patches.

Tips For Marketing With Custom Patches

No matter how you’re using your custom patches, it’s a good idea to have your logo feature prominently and make your logo simple and easy to read. Attaching your patch to t-shirts, polos, hats, and jackets is a great place to start. Of course, you aren’t just limited to using your brand new custom patches for clothing or hats. Consider the following ideas:

  • Add your patches to bags or backpacks
  • Include your patch as a freebie inside of grab bags
  • Adhere a pin to the back of your patch to turn it in a removable pin
  • Attach your patch to can koozies
  • Turn your custom patch into a keyring

Standing Out With Custom Patches

Another thing to consider is that you don’t have to giveaway patches to potential customers. Decking out your team in stylish patches is another surefire method for getting brand name recognition. For example, if a member (or members) of your team have recently accomplished something noteworthy, such as earning a certification, consider making a patch to add to your company’s uniforms. Such a thing will help to instill trust in customers and will exquisitely showcase expertise. 

If you have a group of charismatic and enthusiastic employees consider making them brand ambassadors. These ambassadors will share their passion for your business with folks they meet, converting them into potential customers. By having them wear your company logo they’ll be able to foster goodwill for your brand.

Need some further assistance with your custom patch? Reach out to us today! The Artex Group has the expertise and know-how to help you design and manufacture a custom patch without the headache. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

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How To Look Stylish With A Custom Patch

How To Look Stylish With A Custom Patch

Are you a trendsetter? Maybe you pride yourself on dressing sharp? With the growing popularity of adding patches to clothing, you’ve probably wondered how to style patches and make them a part of your daily look. While our patches aren’t just limited to articles of clothing, we want to offer our readers some insights on how to look their best. Let’s add some flair to your threads and learn how to style with brand new patches.

What sort of patch fits best for you?

Is there a favorite sports team you want to show some love to? Perhaps a favorite musician or artist? If you prefer something subdued and minimal then a simple sports patch would make a great addition to your favorite jacket or shirt. But if you like to stand out then why not go crazy? Add some patches for your favorite band, team, or organization. Let everyone know what you stand and add patches to all of your favorite clothes.

Where should you add a patch?

It’s always worth considering where you are adding your patch before you begin. If you want a prominent placement you could consider adding a patch to the shoulders or back of a jacket. But if you have a small, subtle patch you may want to be more discrete and add this patch in a less overt spot. This could include adding a patch to a favorite handbag, pants, or even shoes.

The most important thing to ask yourself is what does this patch mean to you? Is your brand new custom patch meant to show affiliation with a particular organization or team you are a part of? If so you’ll likely want to wear it proudly and display your membership by affixing your patch to the back of a jacket or near the breast pocket.

How to attach a patch?

There are tons of different ways to style a patch, and we offer patches in a variety of different materials, including pvc patches & embroidered patches. If you have an idea in mind, you’re only limited by your imagination. But if you need a few tips on where to start consider adding them to a favorite denim jacket or pair of jeans. Sewing a patch onto a denim jacket is quick and easy, and the natural durability of denim makes it a good place for adding patches to your attire. All you’ll need is a sewing need, thread, a thimble, and some scissors to attach your patch to your garment.

But, perhaps you have a leather jacket or vest you want to sew your new patches onto? If that’s the case you’ll need a strong needle and heavy-duty thread. Make sure to avoid using cotton thread, as over time the thread will rot due to the tannins in the leather. Another thing to remember is that attaching a patch to leather will leave holes in the leather. Make sure to bear this in mind when deciding where you’d like to add a patch!

Need more assistance?

If you’ve got an idea in mind for a patch then reach out to us! The Artex Group is the leading industry expert in custom patches and we’d love to help make your dream a reality. We even employ a team of designers to help you every step of the way. We’ll even help you determine the best patch for you. Contact us and we’ll do all the hard work!

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Custom Iron-On Patches: How to Apply Them in 5 Simple Steps


Custom Iron-On Patches: How to Apply Them in 5 Simple Steps


Nothing feels quite as cool as having custom iron-on patches to apply to your jacket, bag, or uniform. But how exactly does a heat press transfer your patch onto your clothes? Here, we’ve compiled a simple five-step process to help you transfer your custom iron-on patches to your clothes without breaking a sweat.

Step #1: Get Your Patch and Assemble Your Supplies

Custom iron-on patches are a great way to express yourself no matter your aesthetic. They also help you avoid having to put in the extra time it would take to sew the patch onto your clothes yourself. No one wants to have to sit down and worry about potentially messing up their jacket or their new custom patch with a bad sewing job.

With custom iron-on patches, all you need to do is grab your favorite jacket, pair of jeans, or bag along with a patch design you really love. You also want to be sure to have a heat press, a pressing cloth, pins, and measuring tape on hand.

Step #2: Set Up the Heat Press

Before you begin applying your custom iron-on patches, you want to be sure that the clothing you’re using the heat press on can take the heat. You won’t be able to use an iron-on patch on materials like nylon or rayon. A rain jacket is also not a good choice. Instead, choose clothing that’s made from cotton or polyester. Once you have your clothes and your heat press is ready, you’ll want to turn your heat press on to the highest heat setting.

Step #3: Carefully Position the Patch

Use a measuring tape to center your custom iron-on patch in the right place on your piece of clothing. If you’re applying the patch to a jacket, you can pin the patch onto the sleeve or lapel so you can figure out the best positioning for it while looking in the mirror. A patch that looks good on a jacket when laid flat may not look as good when you wear the jacket, so make sure you position the patch correctly to avoid a decision you might regret.

Step #4: Press the Heat Press

Use a pressing cloth, handkerchief, or cotton pillowcase between the iron-on patch and the heat press. You don’t want to apply direct heat to the surface of the patch or you run the risk of damaging the patch. Hold the heat press down on the pressing cloth covering the iron-on patch and hold it in place for 30 to 45 seconds.

Step #5: Turn the Clothing Inside Out and Repeat

After you’ve applied the heat press to the cloth-covered patch for 30 to 45 seconds, turn your jacket or other items of clothing inside out. Lay the clothing flat. Position your pressing cloth, handkerchief, or cotton pillowcase over the reverse side of the patch. Place the heat press over the cloth and hold for 30 to 45 seconds. Allow the patch and clothing to cool. The patch will now be secured completely to your clothes.

Looking for cool custom iron-on-patches to add to your clothing? The Artex Group is the place for you. To learn more about our custom embroidered patches and badges, contact the Artex Group today.

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Great design is key for promoting your brand on custom patches


Great design is key for promoting your brand on custom patches


An artist friend of mine recently came to me with a design/logo she created asking how could she promote this idea into a money making proposition. The logo had no significant message or meaning, it was just a cool looking design.  She envisioned her logo being worn on all types of clothing.  The logo could be made in various colors providing the wearer with creative individualism.  Apply the logo to a shirt and you would have one cool looking shirt.  Put it on a cap and you would have one piece of hip headwear.

I completely agreed with her.  Bottom line is if you ask someone why they are wearing a piece of branded apparel, the most common response is “I don’t know, it just looks good”.  The logo’s relevancy is irrelevant as long as the person wearing the logo thinks it compliments his or her apparel.  Kind of like the swoosh we all have come to know.  If it makes you feel like an athlete, then you are going to wear it.  If it makes you feel hip, you are going to wear it.  It’s that simple.

Her options for bringing her creativity to life were simple and readily available.  We could make embroidered patches, woven labels (like you tags you find on the inside back of your shirt) or sublimated patches (providing photorealistic qualities).   Each option provides a unique look and the discussion of using all three made this project more appealing to her.

The process is very simple.  We take her artwork, transform it into either one or all of the available options, and through our extensive apparel line, select the appropriate clothing.  We would take care of all the necessary steps including the customizing.  In other words, Artex Group could provide her a turnkey product.   As of this writing, the wheels are in motion and I look forward to sharing more on progress of her design and the marketing efforts behind her “brand”.

If any of this resonates with yourself, I invite you to call us to discuss what can be done to bring your idea or concept to life.  Branding is all about how something makes us feel.  That’s the essence behind any successful branding.  If something looks good on me, I’m going to wear it.  Take a look at what you wear and see how branding may have played a role in your purchasing decisions.   So if you have a hip idea for a logo and want to turn it into a brand identity, let’s talk.  Nothing gained, nothing lost so don’t let your concept go by the wayside without at least chatting with us.  Ask for me, Richard.  I welcome it.

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