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Clothing Accessories - The Different Types of Custom Patches


Clothing Accessories – The Different Types of Custom Patches

It’s no secret that whatever clothes someone wears say a lot about a person’s personality. People who like to wear bright colors are usually bubbly, while those who wear darker colors usually have a more relaxed demeanor. However, some people kick it up a notch by including various accessories on their clothes, such as custom patches.

There are many different types of custom patches one can get, which we’ll discuss in this article. Read on below to get started.

Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are the most popular types of patches out there. Embroidered patches are made by having an image of the design printed on a sheet of paper, then cut out and sewn into a piece of fabric. The patch can feature any type of design, from a logo to a cartoon character.

Sew On Patches

As the name suggests, these patches are sewn on the fabric. Sew-on patches are sewn on patches with thread and a hard, metal needle, just as they are with embroidered patches.  Sew-on patches are more durable than embroidered patches, but they’re also harder to sew on.

Woven Patches

Woven patches are patches that are sewn onto fabric with a loom. Woven patches have a distinct look, and they’re a lot more durable than embroidered or sew-on patches.

Bullion Patches

Bullion patches have a silver or gold-colored thread woven around the patch. These patches are commonly found on military uniforms. Additionally, these patches usually have a high-quality image printed onto them. However, it’s worth noting that bullion patches are hard to find.

Chenille Patches

Chenille patches are embroidered patches that feature a particular type of yarn. The yarns are usually made of durable cotton or plastic. Embroidered chenille patches are commonly found on uniforms and jackets.

Combination Patches

These patches are a combination of different patches. For example, there might be a sew-on patch on top of an embroidered patch. This combination is prevalent in the military and luxury clothing brands.

Dye Sublimation Patches

Dye sublimation patches are a variation of an embroidered patch. For example, unlike an embroidered patch, a dye sublimation patch is not printed on a fabric and then sewn onto the patch. There is no thread used with a dye sublimation patch in the process. Instead, it’s a digital image imprinted on material as it’s being sewn.

Felt Patches

Felt patches aren’t as standard as other patches, but they’re still a great choice. For example, felt patches can be glued onto items such as bags. Additionally, they can also be added to clothes without damaging the fabric.

Iron-On Patches

Iron on patches are patches that are sewn onto clothes using an iron. While these patches are not as durable as sew-on patches, the patches are still a popular choice for those looking for a quick fix because you simply need to use a clothes iron.

Printed Patches

Printed patches are embroidered patches that are printed on rather than embroidered. While they don’t look as good as most variants of patches, printed patches are cheaper and faster to make.

PVC Patches

PVC patches are a type of sewn-on patch that has a transparent background. These patches are commonly found on thicker clothing. The PVC patch can be used to make a patch that looks floating. The only downside to these patches is that they can easily be damaged, meaning extra care must be done.

What Should You Get?

The custom patch you should get for your clothes should match your needs. For example, if you’re creating a custom patch for a uniform, you’ll go for a durable sew-on or iron-on patch. However, if you’re creating a patch for a bag, a printed patch will be sufficient. Just be sure to evaluate your situation to ensure that you’ll make an informed decision.


Custom patches are a great way to show people what your interests are and to promote your business. In any case, the type of patch you get should be reflective of your personality and fashion.If you’re looking for custom patches for clothing, Artex Group has what you need! We offer a wide selection of patches that can help heighten your brand’s awareness, all for affordable prices. Call us today to get a quote!

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Patches 101 - How to Get Fashionable with Patches


Patches 101 – How to Get Fashionable with Patches

A patch is an embroidered piece of fabric that can be pinned or sewn to another piece of fabric. Modern methods include iron-on, adhesive, and Velcro. A previously rare art form became mass-produced with the invention of computers. 

For thousands of years, embroidered patches have been used to identify military and other uniformed personnel. They are used to denote a rank, position, or specialized unit in modern society. 

The Rise of Patches in Fashion

Young people demonstrated against the Vietnam War in the early 1960s. This spawned a new counterculture, which manifested itself in the form of peace signs, flower headbands, and patches to show faith in empathy and love. Their unintentional movement had a large impact on global trends beyond morals and reached the fashion industry. Hippies then began adorning used military uniforms with cloth patches that were radical in nature, with movement icons printed or embellished. 

Patches took on a new look in the 1980s, but their meaning as symbols of identity and solidarity remained. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, punk emerged from the counterculture. People grew tired of resolving conflicts through love and peace and began to use spikes and chains to do so.

Designers then popularized the term “anti-fashion.” Punks wore patches from their favorite bands on their blazers, denim vests, and leather jackets. They attached them with safety pins or other cheap materials to convey political messages. 

Heavy metal became popular during this time period as well. Black clothing, long hair, and leather jackets adorned with patches, band tees, and spiked wristbands remained the norm for metalheads. Their clothing is inspired by the biker and rocker subcultures. Meanwhile, other musical subcultures used symbols to identify their members. 

Wearing Patches: Styling Accordingly

Today, patches are ideal for jeans, jackets, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sneakers, handbags, and even phone cases. They have the power to transform you into a fashionable, elegant, rebellious, or daring individual! 

  • For the Boho Chic Hippie 

To achieve an authentic hippie look, add an embroidered patch to your denim jacket and jeans. Maintain a cheerful demeanor by surrounding yourself with sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows. 

  • For the Hardcore Metal Head 

Layer a denim vest with patches and studs over a band tee, preferably white, and a denim skirt or jeans for an 80s metalhead look. To finish the look, add a bullet belt and a dog tag necklace. 

  • For the Punk Rockstar

Pair patched black skinnies with a studded vest, leopard creepers, and an unnatural hair color for a modern punk look. Top it off with an elegant leather wrap bracelet to complete the look. 

  • For the Minimalist Creative

Less is more. Take an old tee and embellish it with a favorite motif. There will be more where there is one (in this case, aliens). With a tattoo choker and jeans, you can add some grunge to your look. 

  • For the Militia-Inspired

Military tees were already the baddest piece of clothing in history, but now they can be customized. Add a single patch to your sleeve. It can be adorned with jewels and pins. Simply add a one-of-a-kind necklace to complete the look! 

Alternatively, add patches to a military jacket while keeping the rest of the outfit black. Put on a black shirt, skinny jeans, chunky boots, a chain cross-body bag, and cool sunglasses!


What’s not to love? An embroidered patch is a simple way to introduce an element of fun and creativity to your everyday look. At the same time, it’s a styling opportunity to separate yourself from the rest. After all, we all want to be fashionable and unique at the same time!Are you looking for custom embroidered patches? Artex Group offers you well-designed patches to use for your clothes, business, or organization. With us, the options are limitless! Get a quote from us today!

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4 Ways Your Band Can Benefit from Custom Embroidered Patches

4 Ways Your Band Can Benefit from Custom Embroidered Patches

Rock bands and metal musicians are popular customers for custom patches. But today, any artist in any genre can make use of inexpensive, customizable products. Patches are an inexpensive way to expand your merchandise and get the word out about your brand. They let you tap into your fanbase with a small product that advertises your merchandise.

Patches are one of the cheapest promotional products you can have made — especially at our competitive price point. They are easy to produce, and their low cost means that you can turn a healthy profit on even a small order. We encourage you to use these for marketing purposes because the low cost makes it easier for your customers to try out your brand. Now, if you still don’t see how patches can help your band then we’ve got just the thing for you. Here are four notable ways your band can benefit from custom patches. 

They Are Creative

Patches are a simple but creative way to promote your business. Make sure to include your business name and logo so you can spread your brand. Just make sure your patch is eye-catching.

Musicians and artists will typically sell these patches, or sew them on their clothes, as a memento to fans. A good design would be the band’s name and logo or some lyrics from their album. Another good design would be the band’s motto. For musicians and artists, fans are very willing to buy these from you! Your band name and logo can also be the design of the patches or you can come up with something that matches your album. Another good design would be the band’s motto or a short line from your lyrics.

They Are Affordable

Custom patches can cost a dollar or less, but the price varies depending on the number of pieces you order and the dimensions of the custom patch. Reviews and portfolios can give you a good idea of how nice your custom patches will come out.

They Can Be Attached to Clothing

As you know, patches are attached to clothing. There are two ways of attaching it: sewing it on with a needle and thread or using a heated screw press to press it onto the cloth. Some people also put patches on gloves, hats, bags, and shoes. If you are thinking of buying patches for promotion purposes, it would be best to have jackets or caps for sale as merchandise, and even for you to wear your jacket or cap covered with patches as an example.

They Can Be Used to Market Your Band

When people wear your clothing bearing the patch you designed, they can draw attention to your brand. That’s why the design of your patch is so important; it can bring a lot of business to your company. Your buyers are essentially your band’s ambassadors, but instead of you paying them, they pay you for the clothing and then wear it to get attention from fans.


We hope this article proves to be useful when it comes to helping you see the benefits of making patches for your band. While they may seem simple, patches yield a slew of different benefits that will help you grow your band. Be sure to keep everything we discussed here in mind so that you can make the best possible decisions for your band.

Are you looking for custom-made patches? Artex Group has been designing custom patches since 2002, working to improve or create a design for your business. Get in touch with us now!

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Reasons You Should Choose Custom PVC Patches


Reasons You Should Choose Custom PVC Patches


Custom PVC patches are surprisingly suitable replacements for the common embroidery type. They have good quality, durability, flexibility, and various applications. They come in multiple colors, too, making it easy to pick the right one for your design. Plus, their durability allows them to be worn outdoors in any weather.

How Are Custom PVC Patches Made?

A PVC patch requires several steps from start to finish. First, you need to select the design for your custom patches. You can use any shape, size, and color you want. After this, we create a customized metal mold for shaping the design. Each design requires a separate mold according to its shape and size. After creating a mold, we make it more soft and glossy by polishing it so that the patches will be without any cracks or other marks.

After completing the mold, it’s time to pour PVC liquid into it. The first layer of design is poured into a mold and let dry. Then the second layer is added to it and dried. The third layer is poured on top of the second layer and dried. 

This process continues until all of the layers are complete. Drying each layer lets them remain in proper shape, so you can remove excess PVC from them and prevent mixing different colors. It is also the best choice to add more colors to your designs when PVC liquid is completely dry.

When your patch is completely dry, it’s time to add the backing onto it—no matter if it’s an adhesive backing or Velcro backing—depending on how you intend to use it.

What Goes into Making Custom PVC Patches?

  • Color. There is no limit in colors. You can choose as many shades or hues as you like.

  • Design. You can use 2D or 3D design to create your customized design. If you want a sculpted look, choose the 3D format. For a simple appearance, go 2D.

  • Shape. In creating a unique patch, consider using any form like circle, square, rectangular, or triangular.

  • Size. The range of PVC paths is unlimited. Round patch sizes range between 3 to 3 ½ inches, with a standard size of 3″ x 2″.

What Type of Backings Can They Have?

Custom PVC patches come in a variety of backing materials like:

  • Adhesive

  • Button

  • Magnetic

  • Sew-on

  • Velcro

Reasons for Choosing Custom PVC Patches

  • Design Flexibility: If you’re looking for a fashionable design for your custom patch, only PVC is your best option. Because this malleable, soft plastic liquid can be molded into any shape you want, you can get the design you want. There are no limits to the designs and shapes. You can choose any color and shape.

  • Structural Durability and Flexibility: As we mentioned above, PVC patches are flexible because they are made using PVC material. Here, we further explain why they are so resilient and last long. PVC patches are resistant to any weather, regardless of how they are used or the type of weather they might encounter. 

They can be used outdoors, and they will not be affected. Because these patches are so weather-resistant, they can be used for military and security agencies’ uniforms and gadgets. They can use PVC patches in any way that suits their purposes—the material will remain unchanged and will retain the same properties.

Print Custom PVC Patches Right Away

The PVC patches are long-lasting, stylish, and trendy now. Despite their steeper price, these patches allow you to create any desired design, and there is no limit to the shape, size, or color of your designs. Their high quality and durability make these patches suitable for any outdoor apparel or gadget.

Artex Group makes the custom PVC patches in whatever shape, size, or style you want. We have talented designers who collaborate closely with you to design a layout that best represents your vision. Get a quote from us today!


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Choose the Best Custom Patches Maker with These Tips


Choose the Best Custom Patches Maker with These Tips

Every business, organization, or institute needs the best custom patches to help promote themselves. A good, experienced patch maker will be able to create a high-quality custom design patch for your needs.

We will share some valuable tips for finding the perfect patch maker in this article. Choosing the perfect one for your business will be easier when you know what you need from your patch maker.

Here are some tips for selecting the best custom patch maker for your business.


You may not have a clear idea about the patches you want for your business. If this is the case, the best patch-making company will provide a significant number of options for you to choose from. They will welcome your input and work closely with you to develop a patch that represents what you want.

Creative Designs

To create the best result, ask for samples of the artist’s work related to the services you require.

Ask for help, guidance and suggestions regarding your patch design. 

Check their past works, too, for further scrutiny. You’ll want to ensure that they can replicate the colors to the exact or similar hue in their final design.


Whether you need the best custom patches created or you’re looking for advice on how to get the most out of your order, you want someone who knows their business. You want the best quality and the fastest turnarounds for a reasonable price. All these details boil down to the patch maker’s expertise. 

Check with the manufacturer about their experience and other clients’ experiences before placing your order; once you have established that they have a good reputation, you can move forward.

Prompt Delivery

Before placing an order, make sure the seller can deliver your custom patches on time. If you need your patches by a specific date, make sure your patch maker knows this upfront and can accommodate your needs.

Read Reviews

If you look at the reviews left by past customers on a patch-making company’s website or on other websites like Google, you can learn a lot about the company. You can get a good idea if others had a good experience with their company and if not, what they didn’t like about their service. Keep in mind that often the reviewers that are unhappy with a purchase are the first to leave a negative review, so keep that in mind when evaluating user reviews.

Reasonable Prices

Finding a patch manufacturer that offers quality patches at a fair and competitive price is important. Finding someone you are comfortable working with, and understands your needs and goals, is also important in choosing a patch manufacturer.

While there’s nothing wrong with price shopping, it’s also important to choose a company that has experience in making quality custom patches and selecting a company you feel comfortable working with. So competitive, fair prices are important, but cheap is not always better.

For larger orders, you may qualify for a bulk discount on your patches.

Print Those Patches Right Away


The best custom patches catch people’s attention and increase business because they are created according to the clients’ requirements. Follow the above tips, and you’ll likely have a good experience and get your patches that look precisely the way your logo does at a cost that didn’t break the bank.

Artex Group makes the best custom patches from whatever shape, size, or style you want. We have talented designers who collaborate closely with you to design a layout that best represents your vision. Get a quote from us today!


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7 Types of Patches You Can Use to Promote Your Brand


7 Types of Patches You Can Use to Promote Your Brand



Whether you have a big or small business, you should always grab opportunities that allow you to spread the word about what you offer. For instance, deliver something attractive and unique by using custom patches.

Patches can be seen on hats, shirts, jackets, and bags which means you get to advertise your brand wherever the wearer goes. It’s something that’s undeniably useful, and ultimately works.

Before you start producing custom-made patches, take a look at the most popular types you can consider using to promote your brand.

  1. Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are mostly used to personalize hats and shirts. Making embroidery patches usually involves machines and are typically created in three layers. The top layer is cotton, the middle is made from non-woven fabric, and the bottom layer is for the backing.

It’s important to note, however, that embroidered patches should be placed in items with high-quality materials. If a jacket, for instance, is made from a light fabric, the patches can easily tear through it.

  1. Chenille Patches

Chenille patches are great for customizing caps, shirts, and jackets. The patches are usually sewn on an item’s sleeves or chest, but you can also use them to customize bags.

These patches can be made from different methods, but the most common, and popular, is the sewn patch. It is made of a hook, which makes it hefty and tough.

  1. Iron-on Patches

Iron-on patches come in a wide variety of styles and designs. There are patches for baseball caps, for example, and for flags, which you can easily sew on backpacks and tents.

These patches are typically made in the same way as embroidery patches—in three layers. The fabrics used, however, are polyester, nylon, nylon tricot, and cotton.

  1. Leather Patches

Leather patches may not be as popular as the others, but that only means that the patches are ideal for those who want to create distinctive designs with unique looks

These patches are quite tough, so they don’t tear easily. They also last for a long time and can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

  1. PU Leather Patches

PU leather patches are much like leather patches. What sets it apart, however, is its durability and flexibility. PU leather is usually used to make patches for accessories, bags, and garments, among others.

The patches are both water- and heat-resistant, which means that you can use them in any condition. They’re also quite soft, which is great for those who want to feel comfortable every time they use them.

  1. PVC Patches

Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC patches and are made in layers that can be screen printed in multiple colors. PVC embossed patches look like embroidery patches but are actually made from PVC which is a type of vinyl .

These patches are great for car floor mats, buttons, hats, and pin-on items.

  1. Woven Patches

Woven patches are made from cotton and other fabrics that are easy to wear and use. These patches are made stitching a design into a fabric. They have a smoother finish than embroidered patches. Custom women patches can also be placed in hats, bags, and military uniforms.

Final Thoughts

With so many patch type choices let our professionals help guide you. We can work from your artwork or we can help you design what you need.

For the best custom patches, place an order at Artex Group today. With our personalized patches, you can elevate your brand. We can create new designs for you or utilize a logo you have in mind. Request a quote for a group order today to get started.

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Why You Should Use Custom Embroidered Patches for Branding


Why You Should Use Custom Embroidered Patches for Branding

Today, branding and marketing are much different from how they were in the past. Much of the process involves the internet these days, considering how tech-savvy the world has become.

However, some traditional things remain useful despite the prevalence of technology. One of these is the brand patch.

Brand patches are visual symbols. Companies use them as a logo on their clothes or a stamped image on their products.

What Are the Benefits of Brand Patches?

People might think that brand patches are outdated, mainly since most business dealings and branding occur online. However, brand patches have much to offer you and your company.

See these benefits below.

1. Low-Cost Branding Solution

Brand patches are low-cost branding solutions. If you want to brand or advertise your product or services but don’t have the budget for an entire campaign, this option may be for you.

Brand patches are easy to customize. Plus, they come in all shapes and sizes, allowing companies to explore a wide range of designs to suit their preferences.

2. Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is one of the main reasons why companies use brand patches. They help customers recognize and remember your brand’s logo. You can use it as a badge of quality for your products or services.

Take, for example, the iconic sportswear brand Nike. They have a specific brand patch that everyone recognizes and associates with the company.

3. Easy Customization

You can easily customize brand patches to represent your brand. If you want to include your company’s name on the patch, you can do that. You can also choose a specific color scheme and a design that represents your brand.

Custom patches also make for a uniform design. Instead of commissioning different designs for your products, you can customize the patch once and use it on all your products.

4. Promotional Purposes

Brand patches are also helpful when it comes to promotional purposes. If you want to create a fun contest, you can use custom patches as prizes.

Custom patches are also ideal for branding your events. You can give the patches to your event participants, encouraging them to take selfies with your patch and post on their social media with your hashtag.  You can run a contest, select a winner and help promote your brand in the process.

5. Unique Marketing Tool

Brand patches are unique because they are small and easy to carry. You can place these patches on bags and clothing, or on the sleeve or pocket of your shirts.

Your brand patch is a valuable marketing tool to help your business reach a wider audience. If customers see your product with the customized patch, they will automatically recognize your brand.

6. Durable

Brand patches are also durable, unlike other forms of advertising. They can withstand most weather conditions, including rain and heat. Unlike stickers, they do not easily fade or peel off.

Moreover, сustom patches are not as sensitive to abrasion and washing. You can place it in the washing machine, and it will still stay on the garment.

7. Multi-Purpose

Custom patches also save you money because you can use them for different purposes. Instead of buying a brand new patch every time, you can tweak the design and use it again on another product.

For instance, you can place the custom patch on a medium-sized bag or a backpack. The same goes for shirts.


Custom patches are effective when used for branding and marketing. They have many benefits that you will not get from other forms of marketing.

You can create a unique logo that represents your brand, customize the patch for different purposes and designs, and place it on bags and shirts. Additionally, it can withstand the usual wear and tear.

The best thing about custom patches is that you can get them for fantastic prices at Artex Group. Established in 2002, we have years of experience producing custom woven patches and other designs. Contact us today to get yours made!


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Factors Involved in Making Great Patches


What’s Involved in Making a Patch Look Great? 3 Factors

A good custom patch is made up of quality materials, robust backing, clever design, and superb manufacturing – preferably with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to back it all up. So, what constitutes a high-quality patch? Continue reading to find out!

Patch Materials 

A patch can be made from more than just cloth, a needle, and thread. A patch can be a piece of fabric (or other material such as PVC) that may be used to adorn another piece of cloth (or other material). That offers a LOT of potential for variety based on your needs and budget.

Traditional patches are typically produced with polyester-blend cloth and thread, but there’s a lot more options than that.

Here are some alternative patch materials to consider:

  • Twill / Poly Twill
  • Leather
  • PVC
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Mylar

When it comes to high quality patches, it all comes down to the design of your patch, the material used and the look you’re striving for. 

For example, if you need a patch for a scout uniform, only a classic fabric-and-thread patch would suffice — anything else may not look correct.

However, if you’re decorating a simple black bag, the more pop, the better — a variety of textures may make the design more varied and exciting.

The patch material you select will influence not just the overall appearance of your patch but also its endurance. Patches made of fabric and thread offer a traditional aesthetic, but PVC or bullion patches will last longer if you plan to affix them to a work uniform or a rain jacket.

Any of these fabric kinds may be used to construct a high-quality patch; the most important thing is to ensure that the craftsmanship is good and that the materials complement the design and function.

Patch Type

Classic patches can be anything from simple iron-on adhesives to fancy embroidered patches. 

Embroidered patches have a classic, nostalgic look – they are subtle, made with thread, and they have a timeless, old-school appeal. These patches are usually made with a needle and thread, but embroidery machines can help speed up the process.

These patches are great for scouts and for sports teams, who live by tradition and want to keep their look consistent. Embroidered patches don’t have to be boring, however, if you’re looking for something a little more unique, embroidered patches can also come in custom shapes, with unique materials and a variety of attractive color combinations.

Patch Design

Some designs are just better for certain patch types. For example, a patch design with many details and intricate elements will be hard to see on a big PVC patch, but it would make a beautiful, embroidered patch for a jacket, hat or shirt.


Your patch is the centerpiece of your design and brand! You want to make sure your patch is perfect. The best patches are those that are made with excellent design, high-quality materials, and experienced production standards. 

If you’ve got an idea in mind for a patch, then reach out to us! The Artex Group is the leading industry expert in custom patches, and we’d love to help make your dream a reality. We even employ a team of designers to help you every step of the way. We’ll even help you determine the best patch for you. Contact us, and we’ll be glad to help you.

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Why You Should Consider Getting Custom Embroidered Patches

Why You Should Consider Getting Custom Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are very popular in the corporate world as well as for non-profits, clubs, sports organizations and more. They can be used for branding, giveaways and trade shows to name a few. Custom embroidered patches can be used to promote your business and attract new customers by showing your unique brand identity.

They can also be a very cost-effective way to market your business or organization to the public and spread the word to others. They are excellent for creating positive brand impressions and top of mind awareness in the marketplace in a more sophisticated way. You get the opportunity to display your brand in a high-quality, professional way that is also cost-effective and makes a lasting impression. 

Quality custom embroidered patches can be manufactured in a wide variety of shapes and designs and are made to be durable and long lasting.

Provides a Sense of Unity

An embroidered patch on a company shirt, jacket or hat can help increase an employee’s pride and sense of belonging to your organization. It can make your employees or members feel more valued and part of something bigger than themselves.

Custom embroidered patches can help your company or organization express creativity, branding and uniqueness. Your patch is as unique as your organization is and can reflect your brand’s colors, logo and more.

Great for Promotion 

Custom embroidered patches are a great way to promote your brand and can be used on polo shirts, hats, jackets and more. A high quality custom patch will give you a chance to create your own unique design. You can use your company’s logo or create a design that will promote your brand and attract potential customers.

They are durable, professional looking and unique, and custom embroidered patches can help create top of mind awareness by helping others remember your company or organization’s name in a positive manner.

Final Thoughts

Custom embroidered patches are an excellent way to make your company stand out. You will have a unique logo that not only looks great, but also gives your company a sense of identity.

Get custom embroidered patches for your brand from Artex Group. Our production and quality control standards produce the most meticulously designed and detailed patches on the market. Whether you want to enhance your brand’s current patch or want one of our dedicated designers to create a new patch design for your business, we have you covered! Contact us at 866-845-1042 for personal, knowledgeable help.

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What to Know About Custom Polyvinyl Chloride Patches


What to Know About Custom Polyvinyl Chloride Patches


Custom PVC patches are exactly what they sound like—a patch that features your logo or some other design in a PVC material, created specifically for you. PVC patches are the perfect way to sew or iron your brand’s logo onto hats, jackets, backpacks, and even bags and purses. You can also purchase a patch holder or a pocket or use an iron-on adhesive to attach your patch to any flat, smooth surface.


Today, let’s explore custom PVC patches and what you need to know about them:


What is Polyvinyl Chloride?


Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC for short, is a material made out of a polymer chain, which is a molecule with a repeated chain of atoms. Its name is derived from its origins and purpose, so it is also known as vinyl. It is manufactured by polymerizing ethylene and chlorine, both found in natural resources.


It is used in many industries because of its unique properties. These include the fact that it is very economical, making it the preferred material for certain jobs. It can also be easily molded, so it is used to manufacture many artistic pieces, such as sculptures and toys. 


Why are PVC Patches Special?


PVC patches are also special because of how they are made and used. To give you an idea, they are created using a printing process that uses screen printing, which transfers a layer of ink onto the PVC material. It is then baked in an oven, fusing the ink to the PVC.


These patches can carry various designs, and PVC patches come in various sizes, to carry your message well.


The Benefits of Using PVC Patches


PVC patches are very durable and versatile, and there are multiple benefits for choosing a PVC patch.


Application – Custom PVC patches are used for many different things, most commonly as identification and branding for a group, club, or company. They are frequently attached to hats, jackets, bags, and backpacks, to name a few places. They can also be attached to clothing, like t-shirts, to support a team or brand.


Affordability – Although it is made of plastic, PVC patches are still affordable, making them the perfect option for budget-conscious people.


Durability – PVC patches are very durable as well. This is its main advantage over other materials, especially when it comes to identification and branding.


Versatility – Unlike embroidered or woven patches, PVC patches are very versatile. They can be applied to multiple materials and are colorfast and waterproof..


How to Get Custom PVC Patches Made


Getting custom PVC patches made is a pretty simple one. Our team can help you with your design or you can choose to upload your logo or image, which we can transfer onto the PVC.


The Bottom Line


There are so many ways that you can use PVC patches. You can use them to identify and promote your brand as a business or organization. You can also use them to put your logo or an image on a hat, t-shirt or bag. The list goes on.


Remember, no matter what you choose, you can always trust us to provide high-quality PVC patches. That’s because we are dedicated to offering the best customer service possible. That’s a guarantee.


Get in touch with us today if you want to buy custom patches. We’d be happy to help. Artex Group has been designing custom patches since 2002. Whether you want to enhance your brand’s current patch or you want one of our dedicated designers to create a new patch design for your business, we have you covered! 


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