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7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Custom Woven Patches

7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Custom Woven Patches


Woven patches are beautiful pieces of art created from fine craftsmanship. Unlike printed patches, woven patches do not use simple printed methods.

Because the patches have the designs woven into them, you often get a very high quality, clean look, and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

If you are planning on ordering custom patches, here’s some reasons you should consider getting woven patches instead of the more traditional patches.

You Can Capture Intricate Details

One of the most amazing things about woven patches is that their texture allows you to add more intricate designs. When it comes to printed patches, there are some limits because some of the designs are too fine for laser printing. With woven badges, you have a lot of freedom to add intricate designs, and this gives you the chance to add a unique look to your patches.

You Can Get Patches with Top-Quality Threads

For a long time, printed patches have been created using acrylic threads. For many people, these threads were not appealing. Now you can get patches that use cotton threads. These threads are stronger, and they make a patch look more classy.

Woven patches are often created using cotton strings. It makes them last longer, and you can use them for a long time. You can also combine different threads to create a patch that is appealing to the eye. It is what gives you the opportunity to create a patch that looks amazing.

You Will Receive Patches with Thinner Profiles

Printed patches can be thick, and this can affect their appeal. Commonly, these patches are between 0.25 inches to 0.35 inches thick. On the other hand, woven patches are thinner, and they are even slightly elastic. This makes them lighter and more attractive.

They Are More Durable

Woven patches are made from high-quality materials, which is why they are more durable. You can use them for a long time without worrying about getting holes or rips. These patches have a tighter weave, and they have a stronger build. They are stronger than printed patches and can be used for more demanding applications.

Textured Patches

With woven patches, you can get patches with stunning textures. You can create something that has a cloth feel, and it will look amazing. Woven patches are also excellent because you can create patches that have layers. Ultimately, it will make them look fantastic.

They Are Eco-Friendly

If you have environmental concerns, you will be happy to know that woven patches are eco-friendly. They are not printed, and this makes them more sustainable. You can use them repeatedly without worrying about damaging the environment.

Their Colors are Long-Lasting

The colors are also long-lasting. If you purchase printed patches, you may need to replace them over time. With woven patches, the colors are more vibrant than printed patches, and they will not fade that easily.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best patch to showcase your team or group, consider buying woven patches. An advantage of buying woven patches is that you can get a patch crafted from high-quality material that will last for a long time. You can also get a patch with intricate designs, and it will look amazing.

When it comes to the best custom woven patches, Artex Group has got you covered. Our woven patches can be customized with your preferred fonts and can feature intricate details. Let us know your design in mind and get a free quote today.

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A Brief History of Military Patches


Patch Designs 101: A Brief History of Military Patches

Patch Designs 101: A Brief History of Military Patches


Clothing is one of the best ways people can express themselves. After all, many things can be said about a person based on how they dress. The military learned this early on and created unique uniforms for each branch of the service.

Military patches are precisely what they sound like: patches attached to the outfits of military personnel. These patches serve different purposes like indicating rank, identifying a particular military branch, or indicating awards won or attained by the wearer.

Not many people know how military patches started, so we’ll discuss their history in this article so, please read on.

The Start of Military Patches

Military patches were first observed in the 1800s, where British troops wore them. Only high-ranking officers were allowed to wear these patches, and the patches themselves were only allowed to be worn on the uniform. The patches were made of gold thread and were worn on the left breast of the uniform.

Not long after, the United States also decided to practice this tradition during the American Civil War. Both factions of the war, the Union and Confederate soldiers, wore different patches that identified them along with their respective blue or gray.

Military Patches in World War I

While American troops used military patches during the Civil War, it wasn’t until

World War I that they became standard. Thanks to the Industrial Revolution, it was possible for military uniforms to be mass-produced. Furthermore, people could obtain embroidery machines that allowed them to put different symbols on their uniforms.

The US Army’s 81st Division made the first-ever tactical patch. The 81st were trained at Fort Jackson, and the leadership there adopted a patch that has an embroidered wildcat against an olive green background. Not long after, most divisions created their own unique patches, many of which are now collector’s items.

Military Patches in World War II

More patches were created during World War II, and they were more elaborate and had more detail than World War I-era patches. Some of the most significant factors in this change were the number of divisions and the different materials used.

During this era, in order to lift spirits and improve morale the military turned to the Walt Disney Company for help. The military commissioned Disney create  patches with everyone’s favorite Disney characters on them, such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Goofy, and more. However, the most popular of these patches featured Donald Duck, who himself was a war icon at the time since the company produced many propaganda films with him in the starring role.

Disney patches boosted morale not just because of the patches but also because the soldiers felt that their work was important enough to be recognized by Walt Disney.

The Later Years

During the Vietnam war, the bright style and novelty of World War II-era military patches mostly disappeared. It was only revived in the early ’90s when the 82nd Airborne Division made a few patches as souvenirs for their war veterans.

Today some of the more popular military patches are made for paratroopers in the United States. These patches feature the emblem of the airborne and the soldiers who earned their wings.

Military patches have also appealed to civilians who often collect them. The most common ones are jungle patches made from green cloth to represent the jungles where American soldiers fought.


Military patches have been and continue to be an important part of military tradition, and the interest of collectors has grown over time. They not only look nice on uniforms – many collector’s frame patches for display.

If you’re looking for custom-made patches, Artex Group has what you need! We specialize in printing different patches, such as embroidered, dye sublimation, and PVC. We can guarantee that you’ll get only the best quality of patches through cutting-edge technology, so reach out today to get a quote!

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Ironing Patches on Leather Clothing


Ironing Patches on Leather Clothing

Leather jackets are stunning. They have a certain edginess and a distinct look that is hard to ignore. If you have a leather jacket, you will always feel great, regardless of what the situation is, making it a quick way to upgrade your look.

You can also customize your leather jackets by adding patches, which is a great way to sew in your personality and style in your clothing. But how do you care for your patches and ensure it seamlessly blend with your leather jacket?

What to Know about Ironing Patches to Leather Clothing

While sewing on patches is a popular way to integrate them into your leather clothing, ironing patches is a better method since it can cleanly apply them without ruining the leather jacket. 

Caring for your patches is important in making sure that you’re wearing a garment that is well taken care of. Most patches have a backing and an adhesive to keep them in place. However, if you try to apply the patch to leather or another material without first ironing the patch, the patch might not hold well in place.

The heat from the iron will activate the adhesive and attach the patch to the garment through the backing. Ironing patches to leather is not as hard as it sounds, as long as you follow the instructions and tips on how to do it.

How to Iron Patches to Your Leather Clothing

Step #1: Use a Craft Glue that is Safe to use on Leather 

When buying craft glue, it is important to make sure that it is safe to use on leather. There are a number of craft glues that are specifically made for use on leather at your local craft store, so be sure to find the right one that suits leather materials. 

Step #2: Clean the Leather Using a Clean Cloth, Gentle Detergent, and Warm Water

To make sure that the leather is free of dirt and dust, you’ll want to give it a quick rub-down with a clean cloth and gentle detergent, and warm water. Gently rub the liquid onto the leather, making sure to avoid leaving any large marks on the leather.

After a few minutes, gently pat the leather with a clean cloth to ensure that the leather is dry and ready for the next step.

Step #3: Applying the Craft Glue to the Patches and Leather

After you are satisfied with the dryness of the leather, it’s time to apply the craft glue to the patch and lightly apply the glue onto the leather. Avoid applying the glue directly onto the patch, as this can cause the patch to wrinkle and ruin the look of the leather jacket.

Step #4: Iron the Patch and the Leather

Next, use your iron on a low setting to iron the patch onto the leather. Make sure to avoid leaving the iron in one location for more than 30 seconds. If the glue is not evenly distributed on the leather, it can begin to wrinkle the leather, which is not an attractive look.

The Bottom Line: Ironing Patches on Your Leather Jackets for a More Personalized Look

Ironing patches on your leather jackets has many benefits, especially if you’re looking to add a little personal touch to the garment. As long as you are using heat transfer craft glue, it is easy to apply the patches to your leather jackets. The craft glue will help to make sure that the patch sticks and stays put without damaging the material.

If you have a leather jacket, you should definitely consider ironing patches onto it. No matter what the occasion is, you’ll feel great about the way you look and will be sure to stand out from the crowd.

Are You Looking for Custom Patches for Clothing?

At Artex Group, we make it easy to get custom patches for your clothing needs. We provide a wide range of top quality patches for your clothing or promotional needs.

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How Custom Embroidered Patches Enhance the Riders' Experience


How Custom Embroidered Patches Enhance the Riders’ Experience


For most people, the biking experience is about getting from point A to point B. But for bikers with a flair for the more visual things in life, that experience is about so much more. Custom embroidered biker patches enrich the riding experience in countless ways. How?

When Did it Start?

Motorcycle patches go way back to the 1920s, founded by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA). Back then, AMA group members would gather at events where they wore jackets with their club logo that were embroidered by hand. 

But that’s not really how it got its recognition, though. In 1947, some World War II veterans rode into Hollister, CA, which caused a stir. Shortly after that, the AMA released a statement that the bikers who caused the problem only represented 1% of motorcycle enthusiasts. That’s when the patch and term 1%er became associated with outlaw motorcycle clubs that were formed in the 1940s. 

After that, many clubs came up with patches that only members of a specific club wore. Since then, patches became a representation of the club’s territory and served as the proof of membership of the riders. They also say a lot about the wearer’s status. For example, a full member, who is also referred to as a patch holder, carries a curved patch. 

Now that you know how it all started, let’s dive into how they can enhance the experience of the riders:

It Represents Happy Times

These embroidered biker patches can be associated with the rides, trails, and roads they have conquered together. It’s a club’s way of being able to relive their happiest moments over and over again. 

It Helps Develop a Sense of Community

It’s a go-to for bikers to be able to recognize each other even if they are miles apart, and these patches help with that. Also, riding together with people in the same group brings them closer and develops a sense of community. 

It Helps Create a Special Memento

Patches are not just a pictorial representation of a moment. Rather, they are a piece of clothing that serves as a reminder of what the club has accomplished. It helps their members to appreciate their club better and have more pride in its achievements. 

It Can Be a Form of Self-Expression

Patches are a great form of self-expression for the riders. Bikers can express themselves and their passion for biking with their own unique designs and ideas, especially on their patches.

It Serves as a Status Statement

But in most clubs, it’s not just any rider who is given a chance to wear a patch. It’s a privilege that is only given to the most trusted and respected riders of the group. If a rider is given a patch, it’s as if a vote of confidence is given to that person. It’s like saying that this rider is one that should be trusted to carry the club’s reputation with him everywhere he goes.

Wear Your Ride

As you can see, custom embroidered biker patches are a lot more than simple designs. It represents the club’s journey, a statement of self-expression, or a status symbol to other riders. As a result, these patches carry a lot of significant value.

Buy embroidered patches here at Artex Group. We have been around since 2002, and we have dedicated designers who can create custom patch designs for you. Get in touch with us!

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Exploring the Role That Sports Patches Play in Sports Teams


Exploring the Role That Sports Patches Play in Sports Teams


Exploring the Role That Sports Patches Play in Sports Teams


Knowing that you’re part of a team and that you have an emblem that represents your unity is always a source of pride for athletes. Knowing this, something as simple as a sports patch can do wonders in lifting the team spirit.

Patches are a component of the game, regardless of the sport, league, level of competition, or team. Embroidered patches can be found all around the world, conspicuously displayed on jerseys.

Custom patches are a great method for sports teams to demonstrate their spirit while also serving as a unique branding tool. Name patches, logo patches, and other designs for special occasions are all available as sports patches.

Patches communicate a lot in a small amount of space, making them appealing to any team. Read on to peek into how different sports utilize patches for their teams.

Basketball Teams

Basketball jerseys have patches on the front and back of the jersey. The front of the jersey features the team’s name or hometown, a logo, and the player’s number.

Basketball patches, especially those on the front of the jersey, are usually brighter and more detailed. The player’s name and number are embroidered on the back.

NBA jerseys have the NBA emblem, as well as a special patch for clubs that advance to the playoffs. Teams that have previously won a championship have a gold patch on the top back of their jersey since 2014.

Baseball Teams

Patches are a staple of baseball, from the minor leagues to the majors. They’re just as important as cleats in a player’s outfit. Patches can be found on baseball uniforms anywhere, including the chest, sleeves, and back of the jerseys.

A team name with a number is a patch that’s usually placed on the front. The team and the association or division have little logo patches on the sleeves, and the player’s name and number are placed on the back.

Players’ headgears also include logo patches. Some clubs have also added unique homage patches to their jerseys, such as military-inspired patches or patches with a renowned player’s number.

Football Teams

Football patches can be found in all leagues as well. Uniform patches are worn by high school, college, and professional teams to show pride and distinguish themselves on the field. A traditional football jersey has a number patch underneath the team’s home city or name on the front breast.

Logo patches can be found on the sleeves, while number patches are placed on the shoulders. On the back, there is a name patch for the player as well as their number.

The captain wears a C patch to identify their position on the field. Besides the captain role, players can also have custom patches to honor important achievements.

Soccer Teams

Soccer features a variety of embroidered patches that have long been a staple of player jerseys, from minor clubs to the world’s greatest professional clubs.

Three common regions of embroidered patches can be found on a soccer jersey. The logo on the front comes first, followed by sleeve patches and patches for the back.

On the breast of soccer jerseys is a team logo patch, which is sometimes accompanied by a flag patch. Shoulder patches feature a smaller version of the logo or the player’s number.

A name patch across the top with the player’s number underneath is usually reserved for the back. Soccer patches are typically bright and colorful, designed to stick out on the field.


When it comes to sports patches, it’s all about standing out. These embroidered patches also contribute to the team’s image by displaying character and personality. Remember that your patch reflects your team’s spirit, so don’t hesitate to be creative.

Get the best custom patches for your team at Artex Group! We have been designing custom patches since 2002, and we have the experience and expertise to give you the patch you require. Contact us now to get a group order!


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Creative Tips for Designing Unique Custom Patches


6 Creative Tips for Designing Unique Custom Patches

We have expert advice on what to consider when designing a custom embroidered patch. Here you will find information about size and shape, the materials used, artwork specifications, and types of embroidery. Here are a few tips to help you get your custom patches just right. 

1) Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative  

Custom patches make the perfect accessory for your team or group. Since they can be designed to suit your specific needs, they are a great way to promote your business, advertise an event, or give recognition to your favorite sport or activity. 

One of the best things about custom embroidered patches is that they can be customized to suit any budget. You can design a patch to meet your needs and add your own personal touch to it.

2) Take Size into Account 

The size of your custom embroidered patches will depend on their placement. If they are to be worn on the sleeve or on the chest area, they need to be larger to be noticeable. If they are worn on the back of items like jackets or bags, they need to be smaller.

3) Consider Colors

Choose colors that highlight your specific characteristics. For example, if your team or group focuses on the environment, you could use green, or if you want to promote a movie or TV show, you might choose colors related to it.

Whatever colors you choose, make sure they are of good quality and are appropriate for the purpose you have in mind. For instance, if your team is made up of elderly people, you may want to avoid using red because it is a color that is associated with “danger.”

4) Get Creative with Typefaces  

Many people think that they need to use a specific font when it comes to creating custom patches, but that is not the case. You can be adventurous with your choices and have fun trying out new ideas.

The best way to do this is to draw out the lettering you want to use and make sure it looks good before you commit to it.

5) Use a Hot Needle Cut

With a hot needle cut, you are able to cut the patch without it fraying. The benefit of this is that you can make intricate designs, and if you make any mistakes, they will not be visible because your patch will not be ragged. 

Hot needle cutting is a great way to decorate patches and you can use it to enhance the look of your custom patch.

6) Learn a Variety of Specialty Borders

You can learn a variety of specialty borders when it comes to embroidered patches. These include straight, wavy, and diamond borders.

A straight border is a wide border that has a uniform design, while a wavy border has a design that is curved. When using different types of specialty borders, you will be able to make your patch stand out from the rest.

  • Merrowed Border
    A merrowed border is a great option for custom clothing patches that are shaped into a circle, rectangle, square, or triangle. The merrowed border option will give your custom patch a refined and professional look. This border is 1/8″ which overlocks the patch edge. This option prevents unwanted frayed edges and helps make the patch more durable.
  • Hot Knife
    The hot knife option is ideal for custom embroidered patches that have an intricate shape. We cut the emblem as close as possible to the edge. This option really makes your custom patches come to life.
  • Satin Stitch
    A satin stitch is a great option for any custom embroidered patch. The satin border is a 1/6″ stitch that goes around the edge of the patch. This option is completely different than the merrowed border because it does not overlock the patches’ edge.
  • Smooth Cut
    The smooth-cut option can be used on any embroidered patch. This border has no stitching on the edge of the patch.


In the end, you will want to make sure your patch has the right size and shape, color, text, and design. If you follow these guidelines, you will be able to create custom patches that are the envy of everyone who sees them. 

Turn your custom patches into a reality with the help of Artex Group. We offer custom embroidered patches catering to designs from your own vision. Get in touch with us today to learn how.

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Tips for Buying Embroidery Patches for Jackets


5 Practical Tips for Buying Embroidery Patches for Jackets

There are a lot of people wearing jackets with beautiful embroidery patches and you have probably thought about buying one for yourself. Although there are a lot of options you can choose from online, it’s always best to make sure that where you are going to buy offers high-quality embroidered patches. 

Here are some practical tips to help you in choosing the right embroidery patches for your jackets.

1. Find Out If the Patches Are Single or Double-Sided

Embroidered patches come in two types, single or double-sided. Single-sided patches are made of fabric on one side and an adhesive on the other side. Double-sided patches are of a sticky material on both sides.

If you are thinking about putting embroidery patches on the front and back of your jackets, double-sided embroidered patches are ideal because of the double-stickiness feature. On the other hand, if you only want to put the patches in the front, single-sided embroidered patches are a great choice.

2. Choose High-Quality But Affordable Patches

It is always recommended to choose patches that are of high quality. Cheaper vernacular patches are not only of lower quality, but they also don’t last long. This means that in a short amount of time, the patches will start to fall off because of the adhesive quality. If you are going to be spending money on patches, you might as well get something that’s going to last.

But sometimes, a cheaper price doesn’t always mean bad quality. However, if you are looking for patches that will last longer, look for brands that offer high-quality embroidered patches.

3. Choose the Right Color for Your Jacket

Aside from choosing patches that are of high quality and durable, you should also choose the right color for your jacket. There are a lot of different color options offered by embroidery patch companies, and if you have your own color scheme for your jacket, search for those patches in the color scheme you choose.

Aside from the color scheme, though, you should also consider how the color of the designs you choose will look on your jacket. If you are aiming for a modern look, you might want to consider choosing single-colored patches that are a bit more subtle than patches with designs.

4. Consider Custom Options

When buying embroidered patches, you should also consider how you want to make your jacket unique. There are embroidered patch companies that offer custom-made options. This means that you get to choose the patches you want, and you can also choose the color and size of the patch, as well.

These custom-made embroidered patches are a lot more expensive than other patches because they are made according to your specific needs, but they are also something you can brag about because they are extremely unique.

5. Pick the Right Patch Size

You should also consider the size of the embroidered patches you will be buying for your jacket. If you want, you can also design patches that are fully customized to your preferences.

If you are only planning to put the patch in the front of your jacket, then you should choose patches that are smaller and not very noticeable. However, if you are planning to put your patches in the back of your jacket, then bigger patches are ideal.


Now that you know all the tips on choosing the right embroidered patches, you can confidently go out and select from the different options available. However, if you want your patches to last long, you should also make sure that you know how to take care of them and how to prevent them from falling off.

Artex Group offers custom jacket patches in various sizes, styles, and colors. Let us provide you with the best custom embroidered patches уou need fоr your jacket. Check out our list of products today!

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The Positive Impact of Custom Patches for Businesses

The Positive Impact of Custom Patches for Businesses


Custom patches can be a powerful branding tool, especially if you own a business. Patches are one of the best and most cost-effective ways to advertise your company, product or event. They are highly effective because they stick. No, really. Putting a patch on clothing or tote bags doesn’t just make them look cool; it makes them subject to other people’s eyes for an extended period. 

Custom patches are going to last longer than any advertisement you put in a newspaper, on television, or even on your car window.

What Are Custom Patches?

Patches are pieces of fabric that are usually embroidered. They are usually sewn onto clothing, bags and other garments. In addition to being used for attaching onto garments and bags, custom patches can also be sewn onto leather, denim, and other surfaces.

Custom patches have been used by the military for many year. Traditionally, men and women serving in the military and the police force have used patches to help identify their unit. Even the mafia made and used custom patches to identify their gang.

How Do Custom Patches Work?

Custom patches generally work by having your logo or symbol screened or embroidered onto a patch. This can be done by a specialty company. You can then sew the patch onto clothing or attach it with a few strategically placed pins. Companies use them in various ways, but they are most popular as a way to brand an item of clothing quickly. 

Patches are less expensive than more traditional forms of advertising, such as television or newspaper. This can be a very effective form of marketing.

How Custom Patches Can Impact Employees in the Workplace?

There are a number of different ways that custom patches can improve your branding and be useful in the workplace.

Using custom patches to depict the name of a business or product helps employees remember who they are and what they are doing there. They are also a good way of ensuring that employees identify with the brand. People who identify with a brand tend to be more dedicated and work harder.

Businesses also often use custom patches as a way of rewarding employees. Companies can also use them as a method of giving recognition to long time employees.

How Custom Patches Can Benefit Customers?

Custom patches are a good idea for companies that are looking for good promotional items that people don’t forget. One of the best things about using custom patches is that they are less expensive than other common promotional items like mugs or t-shirts.

Custom patches can be a great way of encouraging repeat business. People will often wear custom patches in areas where they can be seen. This can help businesses by creating a good first impression on potential customers.

Patch ’em Up!

Custom patches are a great way of getting your brand or business noticed in a positive light. They are an affordable way of extending your brand recognition. Custom patches can also be a great way of rewarding employees, and improving your business relationships.

Buy custom patches here at Artex Group. We design custom patches with the help of our dedicated designers. Get in touch with us!

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A Brief History of the Role of Patches in Counterculture


A Brief History of the Role of Patches in Counterculture

We see embroidered patches everywhere now, whether in clothing, shoes, or even bags. That’s why it’s easy to think that clothing patches have always been considered fashionable. But that’s not the case. In fact, for hundreds of years, they were only used for practical purposes like as labels for uniforms or to cover holes in clothes. 

So, where and when did the trend of using clothing patches begin? Let’s take a look at how clothing patches have become a part of counterculture fashion in every decade:

In the ‘70s

In 1969, it was said that a group of five Canadian citizens ordered some custom patches from a local embroidery shop to create a denim jacket that would be a symbol of antiwar sentiment. As the antiwar movement grew, the denim jackets known as “peace jackets” also increased in popularity. Some of the most popular peace patches were jackets with the peace symbol and “War is not healthy for children or other living things” written on them. On the back of the jacket, there was a patch that said, “Make Love, Not War.” The patch became a symbol of the antiwar movement, and they were seen everywhere in the 1970s.

In the ‘80s

During the 1980s, clothing patches started to become more than just a fashion or a political statement, but more of a way for people to express themselves. People began to have custom patches made for their jackets, backpacks, hats, and shoes.

In the ‘90s

In the 1990s, having custom patches became a way for young people to show that they were part of a particular subculture. This was when there was a rise in the number of custom patches depicting logos of punk rock bands, skateboard companies, sports teams, and youth groups.

In the Early ‘00s

In the 2000s, custom embroidered patches became a part of mainstream popular culture as they were seen on clothing worn by singers and popular celebrities or on band merchandise. People also started to make their custom patches depicting logos of their favorite band or making a political statement.

Modern Day

In the modern-day, custom patches have become more popular than ever before. It’s not just counterculture groups like punk rock bands and teenagers putting patches on their clothes, but also people from all walks of life.

Custom patches are no longer just a means for people to express their individuality or stand out. A lot of companies and businesses are using custom embroidered patches to create a professional and well-made brand design. They are also a great way to showcase your company’s logo and promote your brand.

Custom patches are also often used in school uniforms and government agencies, including the police, fire department, military branches, and others, showing the logo of the institution or organization the wearer belongs to.


Nowadays, custom clothing patches are no longer just a part of the counterculture movement. Even though they are still used by some subcultures, they are popular among different groups of people from all walks of life. From companies to athletes, from schools to the military, these patches can be found anywhere these days.

If you are in need of custom patches for your business or organization, you need not look any further, as Artex Group can meet all your needs. We have the best custom patches for you to choose from, and we can deliver your order with the highest efficiency and quality. Contact us today to know more about our patches!

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Using Custom Patches to Creatively Promote Your Business


Using Custom Patches to Creatively Promote Your Business

Custom patches and ribbons in the shape of embroidered logos, monograms, and personalized embroidery designs are increasingly becoming a popular way for businesses to promote and sponsor events, fundraisers, and conferences. 

A unique patch can promote awareness of your business, products, and services no matter what kind of event you’re hosting. In reality, custom patches are an essential feature of various marketing methods.

Corporate training, staff appreciation programs, marketing efforts, and customer service initiatives all benefit from custom embroidered patches. They are an effective method to express gratitude to loyal customers, partners, and workers. 

A professional graphic artist can design a patch for your company that will help to promote your business and show commitment to quality and customer service, ranging from simple woven patches to more elaborate and personalized embroidered patches.

Below are ways on how custom patches can promote your business.

Use Custom Patches to Expand Your Reach

Every company must continue to expand its reach if it wants to remain relevant and competitive. This way, new and returning customers will continue to support your business. 

Why not make unique patches with your company logo and gift them to your consumers if your business logo appears on your business cards, email campaigns, internet ads, and promotional campaigns?

A simple but unique logo and business name on the custom patch can make a big difference. Your devoted customers could wear this logo on their laptop cases, shirts, jackets, hats, backpacks, and other apparel items to draw attention wherever they go.

Custom patches are available in a wide range of elements and styles. Customers can receive unique patches as a thank-you gift or as a remembrance of your company. You can make them into collector items that you can give to your clients and prospects. 

The more potential clients see your custom patched logo, the more interested they will be in learning more about your company.

Use Them to Boost Customer Satisfaction

When your personnel arrives at a client’s house or office dressed in a uniform with embroidered custom patches bearing your company’s name and emblem, it gives the impression that the person on the doorstep is there for a valid and professional reason. These will boost your client’s trust and faith in your company and services.

Use Them to Represent a Statement for a Cause

You can incorporate a subject that you are passionate about into the design of your patch. You can distribute them to friends, customers, or potential customers. You may contribute to a worthwhile charity while reaping the benefits of marketing. 

People enjoy flaunting their support for a good cause, which transforms bespoke patches into more than just branding. It provides an experience that your customers will want to participate in and support.


A modern entrepreneur understands that using social media and other internet channels to promote a company is often the most effective way to do so. You can, however, combine the traditional and new ways of marketing your firm.

Promoting custom patches as freebies on social media or giving custom patches as a reward or gift to your followers are both excellent strategies to promote your business on your social media platforms.

Artex Group will bring your custom patch design to life! Our dedicated designers are experts in creating patch designs for businesses and are ready for your vision. Check out our services today!

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